Thursday, July 7, 2016

RH3 SOCIAL: Flotapoloza...Flotopia….Flotilla….Floatiefest To paint the Rock!

In a continual quest to find reasons to drink together we shall attack the river in numbers to claim a local landmark. We will put in at two locations on the Schuylkill one a bit further up for the A type paddlers and one a bit closer for those that wish to float slow. We will all meet at the rock to paint, eat drink and be hashers!

THIS IS NOT A TRAIL….it’s a social dammit! So spread the word NON Hashers welcome!!

For the A type paddlers – Jim Dietrich Park will be the start location for kayaks and canoes. It is a 9 mile paddle from this start location to the rock. According to a top ranking guide in our kennel a typical paddle is 4 to 5 MPH so this should take you just under 2 hours. For this group we will meet at Brentwood by 11AM!! Don’t be late. We will leave some car back vehicles and head to Jim Dietrich for a noon launch. This puts us to the rock around 2.

For the floaters – RACC will be the starting location for this float. Anything that will get you down the river will work. A $ store inner tube is not recommended. From RACC it is 1.7 miles to the rock. The same profession guide thinks floaters will go about 1 mile per hour. So this section will take you about 1 hour and a 45 mins. This group will meet at Brentwood by 11:30AM!! Group up as needed leave car backs and head to RACC for a 12:15 Launch. This should also put you to the rock by 2PM. FYI: The A types will be hunting you down!!

Obviously there is not enough parking for 40 tubes and kayaks at the rock. The shore on the RIGHT of the rock when coming down stream is shallower and has places to park your stuff. The LEFT of the rock when coming down stream is deeper and much faster moving water. Communicate and work together and it will be all good!

This is 100% a non-supported event. We will float some beer, sandwiches, orange crunchy stuff and paint to the rock. EVERYTHING else is up to you. If you need a floating device let us know and we may be able to help you out. You want a kayak or canoe. Get your own. If you want beer and snacks on your floating device, bring your own. Sunblock….yep on you also. There will be a post below to help coordinate the car pool options and such but again we will need to work together and get the rides worked out.

You are responsible for you own safety and safety equipment if warranted. If you don’t know how to swim…..DONT join us! If you do not want to float or paddle but want to meet us at the rock we can guide you in via a hike and a water crossing! The river is fairly low right now even with the rain last night so it should be walkable. I will walk it one night this week and “test the water” so to say.

ASK questions…..see you soon FF

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