Tuesday, April 26, 2022

#1092: ROAM for F.O.A.M


When: Monday, May 16th
Time: 6:15pm
Where: Reamstown Community Park (park at the lot closest to the pool)
Your hares: a bunch of old guys
Hash cash: $5 (no Venmo, Paypal, Bitcoin or other bullshit. Bring American dollars)
Pre-Lube: Zia Marias
It's been 35 years since the first Roam for Foam hash. The five of us haven't gotten any better, just older. So please join us for Roam for Foam part 2. See you in 2057 for part 3. 

Friday, April 22, 2022

#1091: Red Dress


SAVE THE DATE!!! Special Event!!!!
May 7th. 2pm. Victor Emmanuel’s
Find a pretty red dress that just barely fits you and shave your legs and get ready to run through Berks County to show off that $4 goodwill dress!
Auction to benefit Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County after trail. So get your auction items ready and come ready to spend money on useless shit so we can help the boobies!

#1090: Off The Rails....

 It's time to break Just Robs Hare Hymen!! Where we're going we don't need rails.......if you live close you may wanna walk. If not you may want to get an uber!

I assume this starting location will stick, it could change maybe check back. Just Rob is new you never know what he has up his sleeve. #ZEEGERMANS

Hares: Foot and Just Rob
ONON: 4/25 @ Ken Grill Pool (For Now)
Hash Cash $6
ONON: 6:15
HTM: When it's solid

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

#1089: Cheaper Than Gas Hash


     Monday, April 11 at 6 pm

Angstadt Ln, Birdsboro, PA 19508, United States
The “Cheaper than Gas Hash”
Figure out how to get there, maybe carpool, whatever you need to do. Hash cash is only $5, $0.89 a gallon cheaper than my last fill up per gallon. I can drive 26 miles on that $5, but come out Monday and you’ll get exercise, beer, booze, and food! How can you go wrong. Join hares One Knee Wonder and Cougar Bait for a Monday evening of entertaining for less than you’ll spend on a gallon of gas. Trail is A-B, hash cash $5. On-On at the SRT Angstatd Trailhead. HTM to follow for the directionally challenged. See you fucks Monday!!!

Monday, March 21, 2022

#1088: Double Cross


Sunday,March 27 at 2 PM
It’s Gingersnatch’s and Down In Front’s Analversary! They are celebrating by putting their relationship to the test by laying trail. Anyone who’s laid trail with their significant other knows how this can go.. in the end let’s hope they still want to lay eachother!! Trail is A to B. Bring a dry bag. 
Hares: Gingersnatch and Down In Front
Hash Cash: $7
On-on: Body Zone parking lot (3103 Papermill road, Wyomissing) be discreet with alcohol in the lot 

Monday, March 7, 2022

#1087: Pi Day Hash


Monday, March 14
OnOn: 6 PM at Quarry Soccer Fields (Old Wyomissing Road, Wyomissing, PA)
Prelube: Paolo's or be really discreet, it is a pretty dry location
Hash cash: $7, bring your ID if you look young

Monday, February 21, 2022

#1086: The President’s Day Hash


Come join our ex GM on the Presidents Day Hash and celebrate another reason you get a Monday off!! 
Hare: Any Car I’ll Do
Hash cash: $5 
See comments for the actual location. The address above will get you “across the street” close… maybe our hare will do a highly technical map… 
Also tech on trail in the form of a camera is encouraged by the Hare!

#1084: The Old Fashioned Hash


Old Fashioned Hash, Part Twat (3)
Winter weather is upon us, so we need something stronger than beer to keep us warm during a hash. Toh and Cougar have you covered, it’s time for an Old Fashioned Hash, and we’re not just talking about some older fucks haring a hash. We’re breaking out the finest swill to make your cold weather hashing enjoyable. For sure there will be bourbon, there may be some random liquor, and perhaps we may even mix it up with a car bomb stop! Get your asses to the hash this Sunday, January 16th to partake in some of RH3’s finest beverages, aside from Hamms! Prelube will be at Island Pizza at 1. On-On will be at the parking lot up top of Monocacy Hill Recreation Area at 2. Parking there is limited, so pre-lubing and car pooling to the On-On is encouraged. Hash cash is $5. Trail is A-A+. Throw a dry bag in your car, but we’re not collecting them! Where the hell else can you drink delicious house made beverages this coming Sunday for that price??? Nowhere, so be here bitches! Shiggy socks might be a good idea, but it’s up to you if you’d like to trust a hare…
General disclaimer: if you don’t feel well, stay home. Other wise you have no excuses not to be here! See you fuckers Sunday!!!

#1083: The New Years Day Hash


With New Years Eve on a Friday, that means you have a whole weekend to celebrate! Continue the party on January 1st at noon in City Park and put off worrying about your hangover. You have a whole extra day to recover!! 
Hares: Suckie Sucker, Beulah Ballbreaker, Choo-choo. 
Hash cash: $3
On-on: City Park in Reading

#1082: The Hash Hotline

Hares: Bad Foot
When: 12/19 @2
Pre: Call the hotline
OnOn: Call the hotline
Hash Cash: Call the Hotline

Any other questions....call the hotline! 

#1081: The Santa Hash

 Decoy was rushing me to get details up so here’s the cliff notes from NFB along with a few pictures of Decoy’s dream boys… 

Start location
Washington st and south front street 
The triangle parking lot at RACC
Started there many times
Gayly wrapped gift and all that 

#1080: Cougars Angels


So a blonde, a brunette, and a red head lay a trail..... 
Date : November 28th 
Time : 2:00 PM EST 
Place : Breneman Park 
Bring a dry bag it’s A to B trail
Hash Cash: $5
There’s no beer at the on-on. Pre-lube at PJ whelihans down the road instead.

#1079: Me, Myself, and Whores



He’s been partaking in too much type A activity and losing too much weight, it’s time to make him drink for a likely shitty trail. Come out and join Dances With Whores as he solo hares us on a romp through Shillington.

On-on: is NOT at the army reserve, but use that address to find the tennis court parking lot next door. Based on past experience, having a soccer mom cup for pre-lubing in that lot would be a good idea… 
Hash cash: whatever Dances tells you that morning but I’m going to guess it’s less than $1000.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

#1085: 8th Anal Groundhogs Day Hash


Copied this from the 1st year we held it's post...seemed fitting. Oddly i didnt need to change but a word or two!!
On this day in 1887 was the first gathering at Gobbler’s Knob in Punxsatawney PA to wait to see if a Groundhog was going to see his fucking shadow!??!!…..I am sure it was just a reason to get together and drink. But seriously, if the anniversary of an event that occurred at Gobbler’s Knob isn’t hash-worthy, I don’t know what is. Cum join us to celebrate the groundhog, one hell of a funny movie, and yes a reason to drink and act a fool!
Your Hares - Foot Fairy & Horn O' Plenty
Where - 40.358313, -75.874252 - Or the Lot at Antietam lake on Angora Rd. If that lot fills we will will figure it out.
Hash Cash - $5
Trail - A to ................................
Date: Sunday, January 30th
Time: 2PM
FOR SALE – Some Hash Apparel will be for sale…Ear Warmers to be exact. $15 for those interested, they will be embroidered with “Reading HHH Groundhogs Day 2014” (This years will say 2022....obviously)
Also, as always your comfort is our primary concern be sure to pack a dry bag with plenty of WARM/DRY clothes!!!!