Thursday, December 21, 2017

RH3 #973 New Year's Day Hash

OK, it's New Year's're hung's fucking freezing...and these two halfminds want you to stumble over hill and dale when you could be sleeping off last night. Karma is a Bitch!!

Hares: Fleshwound (hopefully sans machete) and Just Jane

On On: Lower Heidelberg Elementary, 810 Brownsville Rd. (Ignore the apparel store reference), 1/1, 2PM

Hash Cash: $7

Prelube: Paradise by the Slice

Who wants to work up an appetite for pork and sauerkraut???

Sunday, December 17, 2017

RH3 #972 The Boilo Hash

"Skook Champagne" doesn't get any more festive than this!!

Hares: Foot Fairy and Any Crack'll Do
On On: Dec. 20, 6:15PM @ 135 Exeter St., Reading
Hash Cash: $3
PreLube: umm...Mike's Tavern

As always, this trail will quick and to the point. Traipse through the bowels of northern Reading, then guzzle large quantities of what amounts to mulled whiskey. Being expert lushes, we will all be judging the various entries into the Boilo Contest, and if you want to take a crack at making your own, all the better!!"