Monday, September 28, 2015

Hash #891 'New Boot Hash'

Fellow Hashers: That's right, time to bring out your friends, neighbors, co-workers.. hell some hot chick you met at the bar last week.  It's the New Boot Hash, aka 'Bring us your Virgins'

Ever been asked about Hashing and people seemed to shown some amount of interest? well here's the opportunity to introduce them to the hash.Your hare for this event will be kind and lay a nice easy short trail. Who am I kidding??? No one is gonna fall for that.  But then again.....

When: Sunday October 11, 2:00pm
Your Hare: NFB
Hash Cash: $5 for hashers,  'Virgins' are always free
On-On: Shemanski Field parking lot in St Lawrence
4000 St Lawrence Ave, Reading, PA 19606

What to bring: a dry bag, a properly coached Virgin

The Do's and Don'ts of Hashing w/ the Reading House Harriers:
point with a finger, it is done with elbows
wear headgear in circle
get left behind/leave a hasher to get lost, stick together
wear type A apparel: race shirts, athletic club clothing
call people by their nerd name, Hash name or Just xxxx
wear a GPS device to see how far you've gone and how fast you are
Bring a good attitude
have an open mind
embrace stupidity
have fun