Tuesday, June 27, 2023

RH3 #1120 July 4th Hash

On-On: Tuesday, July 4th @ 5:30 am, 2619 Hill Road, Reading, PA 19606

Hash Cash: $20

Its that time of the year... when you get the opportunity to drink more before 7AM than most will drink all day. For Reading HHH, that can only mean one thing, the ANNUAL 4th of JULY HASH! An event too stupid to die, brought to you by our old and grizzled team of July 4th Halfwits.
Our Fair City Reading still has the Firetower chained-off, so like the rest of the perverts who used to spend time there, we need to get creative if we want to get our rocks off on the 4th. Last year's "creativity" in which we found an unlocked gate at Drenkle Field doesn't make Her Grandness our GM sleep well at night, so we're moving to the other side of the mountain (I tell you, the sh1t we do for this lady to help her sleep that doesn't involve Rohypnol....)
Highly Technical Map To Follow. Park in the Parking Lots BEHIND the old Captains Cove / Mountain Springs and NOT at the restaurant itself. 
Be sure to dress appropriately for the event. This generally means Red, White, Blue, but if you prefer to dress like the statue of Lady Justice, you can always come blindfolded with one boob hanging out. Seriously, your choice, we're not going to judge. 
Please do NOT bring things that go "boom". If you want to hear something that frightens you, ask one of our hares to describe how their bodies are deteriorating with misuse and age.
Hash Cash is $20.00. This gets you trail, refreshments on trail and a delicious breakfast at a super secret location to which we've never ever ever ever been before on July 4th. 

Friday, June 16, 2023

RH3 #1119 The Pink Horn Hash

 On-On: Monday, June 19th @ 6:15pm, Antietam Lake Park (Angora Rd Trailhead, 301 Angora Rd, Reading, PA 19606)

Hash Cash: $5

Hares: Horn of Plenty & Two In The Pink