Tuesday, November 27, 2018

RH3 #1005 It's Always Sunny in Exeter

With a trail name like that, it's obvious who's responsible for this trail... ToeFu the "bringer of rain". He's paired up with FudgePacker to try to lay a trail that we can actually find this time... maybe it's the same trail starting from the first beer stop that nobody but Girlie ever found the last time. At any rate, bring a dry bag, poncho, galoshes, or flotation device because it'll most likely be wet. Bims... bring your extra flotation devices for any of us that don't have any!!

When: Sunday December 2 @ 2PM

On On: Trout Run Lot (take the upper section of Neversink Rd to get there... RR underpass is still closed)

Hash Cash: $5

Dry Bags (definitley)

PRE: Liberty

ON ON ya fucks!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

RH3 #1004 The Pretryptophan Hash

OK fuckers, we all know that Turkey Day will soon be upon us and that means eating too much and feeling like shit. In preparation for that, why not come out and do a little exercise to burn off a few of those extra calories... even if that exercise is just curling 16 ounce reducers! Gone Colioni and Cougar Bait are providing you the Pre-tryptophan hash with a live trail, turkey/eagle options, and of course…cold beer! Get your asses to the Brentwood parking lot at 2PM. Hope to see you all in your Sunday best! On On Biotches!!

When: Sunday November 18th @ 2PM

Where: Brentwood Lot

Hash Cash: $5

Pre: California Bar & Grill