Wednesday, February 28, 2018

RH3 #979 Mystery Hash

So, what do we know about this trail? Not a helluva lot!! The hares wish to remain anonymous at this time. Trail will probably be, as well.
We do know this...

On On is the Coachlight Tavern, 418 S 19th St, 3/11 @ 2:00
Pre is the same spot.
Hash cash is $6.

The rest...only the shadow knows! Yea, I know...about 5 hashers got that reference.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

RH3 #978 Why The Fuck Not?

Why? Because 3 weeks between hashes is just too long! And who doesn't want to cum out and drink?? The temps are getting warmer, it'll probably rain ....what other reason do we need? Let's make it a hash day, Bitches!
On On: 505 Brownsville Rd (Behind the fire company), 2/25, 2:00
Hares: Cougar Bait and Pooperlicious
Hash Cash: $7
Prelube: Ganley's
There will be a Turkey/Eagle option. Why? WHY THE FUCK NOT?!

Monday, February 19, 2018

World Record Beer Race Brunch Social

When: Saturday March 10th 11am'ish
Prelube: 9am ( How do you prelube for a Drinking Social?? Prelube will be a hosted Ride & Run)
Cash: $10 Includes 2 Pints of Beer and a Bunch O’ Large Breakfast Pizzas
Where: Liberty Tap Room Exeter
Who: RH3 ++ bring your friends, anyone that can drink two pints will do
Firkin: 40 Pints Each!


So you know those things we all love called Firk’ins? You know they sit on the bar and they tap fresh beer out of them….Well apparently there is a world record for how fast a Crew of dinking professionals can consume one of these bitches

I feel like we should take a go at the World we will! With a twist! even with an A type Prelube, and the fact that we are trying to beat a world record. I figured I would make this even more competitive. I have worked with our good friend Josh from Liberty to not get one...but TWO firkins of Hijynx tasti’ness brewed by Josh himself…

TWO?? YES TWO….we are over fucking achievers here in Reading! We will not only be going after the world record, but we will have two teams competing so even if we don't beat the record, 50% of us can still be winners by beating our friends!

The quick dowN’dirty…..two teams 1 firkin each, time starts when you smack your bung in (no off position)….time stops when the last sip of the 40th pint is down. Hoping to get 2 teams of 20! Liberty is setting us up in the main dining area and will be videoing the event! Teams will be picked day of and you will be given time to stratigize!!

Yup, Ask away....….FF

Monday, February 5, 2018

RH3 #977 Year of the Dog

Ok, according to the Chinese, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. What this has to do with the next hash...I have no freakin idea!

Our hare, How Long, tried to explain it to me...but the hell who can understand him?!

What I did get was that the On On is the BK Trading Post, 2253 Lancaster Ave, Shillington, Sunday 2/18 @ 2:00.

Hash cash: $5

Prelube: Schaylor Brewery

The rest was unintelligible, except something about we are supposed to wear red...