Around The Hash In 7 Days!

Prepare yourself for one crazy week!

Monday, August 21 - Reading H3 (RH3), PA
Tuesday, August 22 - Taco Tuesday H3 (TTH3), NJ
Wednesday, August 23 - Hockessin H3 (H4), DE
Thursday, August 24 - Ben Franklin Mob H3 (BFM), PA
Friday, August 25 - Blue Hen H3 (BH4), DE
Saturday, August 26 - Harrisburg-Hershey H3 (H5), PA
Sunday, August 27 - Reading H3 (RH3), PA
We cum full circle!!
Details and times to follow. Crash space will be available. Special Patch if you do ALL SEVEN! Carpooling is encouraged.

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