Monday, November 18, 2013

FUDGE PACKERS Virginal Haring - Sunday November 24th 2013

After years of prep and coaching the ever wily FUDGE PACKER will bust that haring hymen by laying a trail - 2PM on 11.24.13
40  21' 8"N   75  59' 15" W
For those of you not happy with GPS coordinates, this is 1 meridian boulevard. Back parking lot, delivery entrance area, yes the back door! 

Turn at the light by Kohls onto meridian blvd, take the 3rd right and then 1st left. Parking on the right by a big blue tarp covering this years road salt!!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Santa F*%k's The Hash

One of the very best hashes of the year. Join Santa on his annual reaming of the pack as we meander around our beloved, but dying, city. Where will it end? Nobody but that old fat bastard and his minions, the evil elves, knows.

Wear your Christmasy best trail clothes. Typically we change to fineries for the apr├Ęs - with the bimbos often dressing up (which can equate to slutty if that is how you read it).

Bring a gayly wrapped gift (don't be a cheap bastard and bring MD 20/20) -  booze, hashy item or sex toys are a good starting point.

Gift exchange occurs but only after you have to sit on Santa's lap. And what a fine lap it is!

Saturday December 7th 2013
Details TBA