Thursday, July 9, 2020

RH3 #1048 The Gary Coleman Hash

Originally scheduled for May 28 to commemorate that it’s been 10 years since the passing of the actor who defined a generation. The Reading hash house harriers are proud to present the Gary Coleman memorial cash. You might have loved him from Diff’rent Strokes, and you were likely inspired by both the “Angel with a Broken Halo” and “The Gary Coleman Show.” Now you can celebrate his entire filmography.
Hash Cash $6.00. Bring a dry bag.
On-On: Brentwood Trailhead at 6:15 PM Monday July 13.
~RH3 #1048 The Gary Coleman Hash
~~Monday July 13 @ 615PM
~Brentwood Trailhead
~~Hared by Decoy and Foot
~Hash Cash $6
~~Bring a dry bag
~~Probably there... or do yo own thang!!