Hash kennels are loosely lead by a team of volunteers known as the "Mismanagement".

#1101 October 16, 2022 - ??????
  1. Grand Master: Optopussy
  2. Joint Masters: Hot For Teacher, One Knee Wonder
  3. Trail Masters: Stinkfinger
  4. Hash Horn: Down In Front
  5. Hash Cash: Beulah Ballbreaker
  6. Hash Flash: Casting Couch, Ginger Snatch
  7. On-Sec: Peeter On A Skeeter, Pretty When I'm Drunk
  8. Hash Protocol Occifers: Foot Fairy, Horn of Plenty
  9. Haberdashery: Cougar Bait
  10. Hash Financial Officer: Decoy
#1051 September 22, 2020 - September 24, 2022
  1. Grand Master: Cougar Bait
  2. Joint Masters: Breast Stroker, Legal Easy
  3. Trail Masters: Optopussy
  4. Hash Horn: Stinkfinger
  5. Hash Cash: Beulah Ballbreaker
  6. Hash Flash: One Knee Wonder, Not Twat
  7. On-Sec: Pooperlicious, ToeFu
  8. Hash Protocol Occifer: Foot Fairy
  9. Haberdashery: Any Crack'll Do
  10. Hash Financial Officer: Decoy

#1001 Oct 23rd, 2018 - August 29th, 2020
  1. Grand Master: Any Crack'll Do
  2. Joint Masters: OptoPussy, Cougar Bait
  3. Trail Masters: Breast Stroker
  4. Hash Horn: Bukakke
  5. Hash Cash: Beulah Ballbreaker
  6. Hash Flash: In U End O, Nasty Panties
  7. On-Sec: Suckie Sucker, Old News
  8. Hash Protocol Occifer: Foot Fairy
  9. Haberdashery: ToeFu
  10. Hash Financial Officer: Decoy
#951-#1000 June 20th, 2016 - Sept 22, 2018

  1. Grand Master: ToeFU
  2. Joint Masters: Girly Boy, Breast Stroker, Hot Lips 
  3. Trail Masters: Any Crack'll Do
  4. Hash Horn: Cougar Bait
  5. Hash Cash: Beulah Ballbreaker
  6. Hash Flash: Hot for Teacher, Suckie Sucker
  7. On-Sec: Delicious Head, Choo Choo
  8. Hash Protocol Occifer: FudgePacker
  9. Haberdashery: Foot Fairy
  10. Hash Financial Officer: Decoy 

 #901-#950 Feb 23, 2016- June 10, 2017

  1. Grand Master: Foot Fairy
  2. Joint Masters: Hot Lips and Optopussy
  3. Trail Masters: ToeFU
  4. Hash Horn: Any Crack 'L Do
  5. Hash Cash: Decoy
  6. Hash Flash: In U End O and Little Bunny Foo Foo
  7. On-Sec: Sinderella and Sascrotch
  8. Hash Protocol Occifer: Bad Semen
  9. Haberdashery: Fudgepacker 

#851-#900 July 14, 2014-Feb 13, 2016

  1. Grand Master: Fudgepacker
  2. Joint Masters: Tidy Bowl and Big Scroat
  3. Trail Masters: Foot Fairy and Dances with Whores
  4. Hash Horn: Cauchafukin and Wants It BAD
  5. Hash Cash: Decoy

#801-#850 Oct 2, 2012 - July 14, 2014
  1. Grand Master: She's Mine I saw her first
  2. Joint Masters: Real Boy
  3. Trail Masters: Big Scroat and Albino Beaver
  4. Hash Horn: Little Big Dick
  5. Hash Cash: Decoy

A full list of our past Grand Masters....

1 Uncle Reesus
2 Weenis Supremis
3 Bad Semen
4 Spawn,
5 Will He Stay Slim
6 Dogbreath
7 Willow,
8 Flamer
11 Swamp Thing
12 Everyday Asshole
13 Decoy,
14 OE
15 Lick My Trunk
16 AC/DC(1/2 assed)
17 She's Mine
18 Fudgepacker
19 Foot Fairy
20 ToeFU
21 Any Crack'll Do
22 Cougar Bait


  1. Hey there. I am Conan the Barbarian, former GM of the Wuxi H3 (in China). I will be staying in Bethlehem during Jan and Feb of next year. Could you invite me for your hashes ? Email me koenwuxi@gmail.com. On-On !

    1. Conan, Thanks for joining us at the last hash. Sorry it took me this long to reply. If your around, our next hash is next Sunday. Love to have you back! If you have a Face Book account, hit me up at Fudgep Acker. I'll invite you to join our FB page.

  2. In the unlikely event anyone's monitoring this account. My name's Foreskin and I hash with Summit and Rumson and am desperate to escape my house this Saturday and hash in Kutztown, even if it is supposed to be 5 degrees. I plan on getting loaded and don't feel like driving back 90 miles at night with a healthy buzz on, let alone a healthy drunk on.

    Anyone in Reading have a spare couch or floor space to toss a sleeping bag on? Let me know, as it'll probably decide if I can make it or not.

  3. Hey, I'm new to hashing. I see you have an event tomorrow. How do I join the merry band?

  4. I'm trying to get in touch with Caren horn, sinien...Brad's wife...pumper here could someone please contact me...also trying to contact nfb or nfm and dog breath

  5. RIP to the the Bahgwhan / Uncle Ressus. On On! Darth