Wednesday, April 26, 2017

RH3 #945 Benjamin C-Note

Diggit: Foot Fairy been incarcerated with you wankers for 44 trails. Fudgie did his time too. Now it's PAYBACK! This is gonna be the best of the worst. Anything that made you mutter "that" under your breath the first time round...back atcha! These G's have over 100 trails under them combined in reign.....wear a fuckin bullet proof vest!!

HASH DATE: APRIL 30th 2016

On On: Trout Run in Exeter, 4/30, 2:00

(Little Lot By the Bridge)
Hash Cash: a C-note, dumbass! OK, $5

Prelube: Liberty Taproom

Dry bag: You can see the Schuylkill River from the On On...what do you think?

These 2 bruthas got a lot of pent up rage to work out. Someone's gonna get shanked...

Highlt Technical Map to CUMMMMM

Sunday, April 23, 2017

RH3# 944 - 1st Monday Trail of 2017

1st Monday of the year!! Everybody loves a Monday hash….why you ask! Because Monday Evening is where this great tradition of ours began in 1938. Who the fuck are we to mess with 79 years of tradition right. So at RH3 we hash on Mondays April / October to rid ourselves of the excess of the weekend! That is how it has been since RH3 was founded and so it shall be FOREVER!!

So what do we know about this ever so great event “The 1st Monday Trail of 2017” ?????…….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! 

Hash Date: Monday April 24th 2016 @ 6PM
Hare: ?????
ONON: Egelmans Park 6pm
Prelube: Liberty Taproom 5PM
Hahs Cash: $2
Dry Bag: Possibly

Sunday, April 2, 2017

RH# # 943 " HAIRY PALMS "

In an attempt to find a lost beer check from trial #837….our Moose Knuckle wielding Band Lord will be taking you back in time to a trail of Ole’

Dances lost a beer check once on a live trail, the pack revolted and the legend was set. After this he whacked his “Instrument” for years till…..well you know the title. Over the years he has added Bday’s, Rehab’s, Part time GM’s and the such. But one thing that stands strong is DANCES WITH WHORES hares every April, and while the trail is always suspect…. it’s always in style!!!

The Palm of It….

Hash Date: Saturday 4/9 2017 @2PM
Hares: DANCES WITH WHORES, and hopefully someone who knows what the fuck they are doing!
Prelube: Palos Pizza (2480 Lancaster Pike, Reading, PA 19607)
ONON: 1020 Grings Hill Rd.19608 @ 2pm
Hash Cash: $6

Dry Bag: Yes and a Flea & Tick Collar...


OK….so we all survived the Beaver!! Some in better shape than others….but a great time was had by all. Happy Bday Moon!!

It’s time to get back it “In The Hole” RH3, this may be the longest running section of non recurring Hares i can remember. My half mind is fleeting though and and I am sure some old timer will give us the “Well back in so & so and at this time we” yeah i get it! But it’s has been a good stretch of new hares and some change of the regular…

This week one of the most giggled names and one of hottest Gingers are taking us for a tour. Where we have been creative at getting you some ever changing hares, it’s appears these half minds are kinda locationally challenged. We have had 4 trails in the last couple all start within the same mile. Well….ANAL LEAKAGE and Ginger Snatch (Aka Little Red Labia Hood) a joke from a bit O’go!!) are taking us yet another voyage "DOWN THE HOLE" in the sinking spring area. I hope Alice let's us in her wounderland! The last time ANAL LEAKAGE ran us from this area it’s was 9 miles of road, the beer was confiscated by the police and Wants Bad, spent all day apologizing!! Let’s see what these wanks have in store for us this time!!

The taint (Between holes)

Hash Date: April 2nd 2017 2PM
Hares: AnaL Leakage
Prelube: The Railroad House
(152 Woodrow Ave, Sinking Spring, PA 19608)
ONON: 830 Mt Home Road 19606
(The Storage Place)
Hash Cash: $7.50
Dry Bag: Who Cares…..

See you Wanks on Sunday, Let’s drink bitches!! FF