Sunday, April 2, 2017


OK….so we all survived the Beaver!! Some in better shape than others….but a great time was had by all. Happy Bday Moon!!

It’s time to get back it “In The Hole” RH3, this may be the longest running section of non recurring Hares i can remember. My half mind is fleeting though and and I am sure some old timer will give us the “Well back in so & so and at this time we” yeah i get it! But it’s has been a good stretch of new hares and some change of the regular…

This week one of the most giggled names and one of hottest Gingers are taking us for a tour. Where we have been creative at getting you some ever changing hares, it’s appears these half minds are kinda locationally challenged. We have had 4 trails in the last couple all start within the same mile. Well….ANAL LEAKAGE and Ginger Snatch (Aka Little Red Labia Hood) a joke from a bit O’go!!) are taking us yet another voyage "DOWN THE HOLE" in the sinking spring area. I hope Alice let's us in her wounderland! The last time ANAL LEAKAGE ran us from this area it’s was 9 miles of road, the beer was confiscated by the police and Wants Bad, spent all day apologizing!! Let’s see what these wanks have in store for us this time!!

The taint (Between holes)

Hash Date: April 2nd 2017 2PM
Hares: AnaL Leakage
Prelube: The Railroad House
(152 Woodrow Ave, Sinking Spring, PA 19608)
ONON: 830 Mt Home Road 19606
(The Storage Place)
Hash Cash: $7.50
Dry Bag: Who Cares…..

See you Wanks on Sunday, Let’s drink bitches!! FF

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