Wednesday, March 15, 2017


“THE GREEN THANG”...what is a green thang? No clue but what i do know is we get to dress up in GREEN and run around with all our favorite people!!

What is going to be so great about this trail??? A - Fudgie & InUendO are haring this trail and they fuckin rock! 2 -We get to Dress up in green, any time we get to dress up it’s a blast. 4 - This is a sweet area to Hash, we had one here last 50 and it was Epic! B- There should still be about a foot of snow on the ground…..That's the shit right there!!

SO, grab your sexiest green attire, your snowshoes, a virgin, some lube and let’s tear this Green THANG up. You know, a certain hasher got named once for something dumb they wore to a St Patty’s day hash...who is that you ask??

Don't forget we kick this weekend off with the The 120TH Hannahoe's Grave Vigil a long time right of passage for serious RH3 hasher…..Friday, midnight on Goat Hill! 

The “THANG”...

Hares: Fudegpacker & InUendO
Hash Date: Sunday March 19th 2:PM Year of the Cock!
Prelube: Blind Hartman's Tavern
2910 Pricetown Rd, Temple, PA 19560
ONON: Valley Lane, Laureldale PA 19605
(Right off Elizabeth Parking near the Baseball Field)
Hash Cash: $7
Dry Bags: I could care less...