Tuesday, September 20, 2022

#1100: Cougarbait's Last Dance


Saturday, September 24 at 12 pm

Cougarbait made it to 50 trails! Time for his last trail as Grandmaster and a party to celebrate 🎉. Keg will be tapped at noon, trail starts at 1 and the party / food starts when we return from trail. Bring your liver, bring your stomach, bring a chair, bring some lawn games. 
Hash cash : $20 (gets you food and decent beer)
On-on: use 846 Fritztown road but then see highly technical map. The pavilion is actually on chapel hill road.

#1099: The 38th Analversary


Thursday, September 22 at 6 pm

Celebrate the birth of our great kennel! Meet at the corner of Plymouth court and Reading Boulevard.
Hare: Any crack’ll do
Hash cash: TBD

#1098: The Bash


Monday, August 22 at 6:15 pm

Bike Hash....
Hares: Swamp / Foot
Cashola: $7
Wear a Helmet
Any Bike'll Do (I would personally not ride a road bike)
Technical Map to CUM

#1097: New Boots Hash


Monday, August 8 at 6 pm

Hares: NFB and Sinderella
On-on: 61 Kings Plaza, Oley
Bring a new hasher and hash for free! Otherwise hash cash is $5. So find someone new to introduce to this crazy bunch!