Friday, June 28, 2019

RH3 #1024 "An Old School 4th" Hash

4th of JULY!!!

This one will feel like the early days for you ancient fucks, and for the rest of you... well, you'll see when the pack is out at 5:39 am Thursday morning . Our hares are kicking it old school so we're going back to where it all started 33 years ago at the good old William Penn Fire Tower. I feel like it's been forever since we've drank under that giant phallic structure under the rising sun, andto make it even more special I've been promised by the hares that there'll be cheap girls, good beer, and an even cheaper fireworks display. Sounds like a recipe for an unforgettable trail, which is good since you'll most likely have trouble remembering it the next day!! ON ON

When: Thursday July 4th @ 5:39 AM
Where: William Penn Memorial Firetower
Hares: Some old fucks from back in the day
Hash Cash $15

Pre: William Penn Memorial Firetower

Monday, June 17, 2019

RH3 #1023 The Lion King Hash

RH3 #1023 The Lion King Hash

Nala + Rafiki = Nafika

Join Hares Just Nafika and ToeFU in this African adventure....ok, Mt. Penn.

On On: Liberty Taproom 6/24, 6:15 (please park as far from the entrance as possible)

Pre: Same same

Hash cash: $2

Hakuna matata!