Monday, February 29, 2016

Hash #902 "Smells Like Fish" Birthday Hash

Pic a Pair of Pisces... Ok, How about a Trio! 
So we have 3 wanks who want us to help celebrate their birthday...
Why the heck not!

Looks like Dances is finally getting his 3-way with a pair of virgins.  What a great present he got himself!.  It seems that Just Amy and Just Melanie finally broke down and are gonna give Dances something he has wanted for a long time. Why do you think he's been working the DFL group so long?

The Naughty Details:
When: 2:00pm Sunday March 6th
Where: 749 Commerce Street, Sinking Springs
Pre-Lube at the Railroad House 1pm

Hash Cash $7
Dry Bag Recommended
As always: your comfort is our main concern. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Hash #901 The Return of the Anthracite Absurdity

We forgot how long it was since we did the last one.
If you feel the earth moving beneath your feet, it's too late-
Avalanche beacons recommended.
If you hurt yourself, well, there you are!

When: Sunday Feb 28, 2016
Time: 2:31pm..(WTF)
Hares: Tidy Bowl, Roadkill and Flamer
Hash cash $10 + Haberdashery $15 

On-On: follow the directions... oh this should be good

Rt 61 North into Pottsville, after the Dunkin Donuts on your left, go up to the 2nd set of lights and turn LEFT onto East Norwegian St, take your first LEFT onto South Progress, go THREE blocks to dead end, Parking lot on your LEFT

I hope the Hares get there and raise the Banner.

Oh, and get this... they got PERMISSION to HASH in Pottsville...hahahahahahahaha  

A place to pre-lube ??

Monday, February 15, 2016

AGM Time for Erections

That's right Hashers. It's time to 'Erect' another bunch of misfits to be our mismanagement.
After every 50 hashes, we gather together, reminisce about the past, tell stories, drink beer and those that pass out get erected (or something like that)
Cost is $5 for food and beverages

This is a FORMAL event so cum in your finest Hash gear.
On the Bottom: Kilts for real men (or boxers)
On Top: Formal.. tuxedo shirt, jacket and tie... 
Slutty.. see below for some fine examples

And let us not forget the AUCTION
We will sell just about anything you have to offer
Trail Treasure, Sexual Favors, Haberdashery... let your imagination be your guide

$$$$$ Bring plenty of CASH $$$$$