Monday, February 29, 2016

Hash #902 "Smells Like Fish" Birthday Hash

Pic a Pair of Pisces... Ok, How about a Trio! 
So we have 3 wanks who want us to help celebrate their birthday...
Why the heck not!

Looks like Dances is finally getting his 3-way with a pair of virgins.  What a great present he got himself!.  It seems that Just Amy and Just Melanie finally broke down and are gonna give Dances something he has wanted for a long time. Why do you think he's been working the DFL group so long?

The Naughty Details:
When: 2:00pm Sunday March 6th
Where: 749 Commerce Street, Sinking Springs
Pre-Lube at the Railroad House 1pm

Hash Cash $7
Dry Bag Recommended
As always: your comfort is our main concern. 

1 comment:

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