Saturday, December 30, 2023

RH3 #1133 New Couch Day Hash

2024….you’re up!! New year! New me! Haha! Just kidding. Same old Couch. Brand new year of half mind debauchery! 

Monday, January 1, 2024 @ 2:00pm

Hare: Casting Couch

On-on: Hampden Park Pavilion (GPS input Reading High School or Hampden Park)

Hash Cash: $5

Trail: A-B

Dry bag?? You do you! 

Sunday, December 17, 2023

RH3 #1132 Foot Fairy and Just Dave

 Plan on cumming because Foot never has any fun!

Sunday, December 17th @ 2:00pm

Hares: Foot Fairy and Just Dave

ON-ON: cAnal Street Pub (Yes, it's closed, we know), 535 Canal St, Reading

Hash Cash: $5

Cum join us for Just Dave's virgin lay.  Yes, cAnal Street Pub is closed, so pre-lube elsewhere

Friday, November 24, 2023

RH3 #1131 Santa F*cks The Hash


Saturday, December 9th @ 2:00pm

Hares: No Fucking Brains & Dog Breath

ON-ON: Field next to Trooper Thorn's, 451 Morgantown Rd, Reading, PA

Hash Cash: $20

Festive holiday attire recommended.
Don’t forget a gayly wrapped gift for a fellow harrier or harriette.

RH3 #1130 Legal's LeTits Hash


Sunday, November 26 @ 2:00pm

Hare: Legal Easy

ON-ON: Schlegel Park Pool Parking Lot, 200 N. Carroll St, Reading, PA

Hash Cash: $5

Legal Easy let Tito (the dog not the vodka) choose the trail and location. So sniff her butt lick your nuts and come hash!

Sunday, October 22, 2023

RH# #1128 The Prickly Horn Halloween Hash

Hares: Horny of Plenty & Prickly Tits

ON-ON: 10/29 @ 2:00PM

Hash Cash: $5

More details to come!

Come costumed...or not..just what clothes! What should be a hasher's favorite holiday is upon us, Halloween. Join us as we celebrate Halloween the best way we know how, by following a mysterious white powder down an unknown trail led by two of Reading's finest in the search for liquid gold. 

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

RH3 #1127 Nibblin' Bitches Nuts Hash

Sunday, October 8 - 2:00pm

ON-ON: 330 S. 19th Street, Reading (just up the road from Olivet Boys and Girls Club) 
Hares: Nut Nibbler & Screams Like A Bitch
Hash Cash: $5
Fresh off a plethora of Type A activities, we are led down the trail by Nut Nibbler and Screams Like A Bitch. Who knows what is in store, what we do know is…there will be beverages, there will be flour, and there will be HHHs.

Friday, September 22, 2023

RH3 #1126 39th Analversary Hash

Friday, September 22 - 6:15pm

Where: Corner of Reading Blvd and Plymouth Place, Wyomissing (first corner or second corner depending which direction you’re heading on Reading… you’ll figure it out)

Hare: Any Crack'll Do

Hash Cash: NONE

Time to celebrate 39 years of cumming…same place, same date, same time. I want to see that corner filled with halfminds like a Vietnamese Red Light District with hookers. And since “me love you all long time”, everyone’s hash cash is on me… but since it’s on a Friday and apres locations are likely to be a bigger shit show than the trail itself, apres food and drinks are on you fuckers. See you bitches on Friday

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

RH3 #1125 The Life's A Beach Hash

Monday, September 11 - 6:15 PM
ON-ON: Brentwood Trailhead Parking Lot
Hares: Nasty Panties & Just Mark
Hash Cash: $7
What does Just Mark and a Swingline have in common? If you know the answer to this, then you know how his latest trip to the beach went. In honor of the day Just Mark couldn’t keep his shit together any longer, come dressed in your best beach vibes attire to give this hare a beach day do-over and more importantly, find out if staples count as head gear in circle.

Monday, August 21, 2023

RH3 #1124 RIBBED....For Your Pleasure Hash

Monday, August 28 - 6:15 PM
ON-ON: 2396 Lancaster Pike, Shillington
Hares: Scroat and Decoy
Hash Cash: $6

Scroat and Decoy invite you to one last f*cking of the Summer. 
And... to make it worth your while, we're going to give you a two-fer! The ON-ON will be right in front of Excitement Video in Shillington so you can get an early start on purchasing your Santa FTH gifts. 
ON-ON is 2396 Lancaster Pike 6:15 PM (park in the undeveloped parking lot between Excitement and Lancaster Pike). We're right there on a state highway, so you might want to pop into a pre-lube next door at Schaylors instead of popping open a can of Hamms in view of the civilians driving on 222.
Bring: $6 Hash Cash & A Dry Bag . 

Thursday, August 10, 2023

RH3 #1123 The Cougar's Breast Crack Float Hash


Sunday, August 13th, 2023 - 11:00 AM
ON-ON: 2058 River Road, Reading, PA 19605
Hares: Cougar Bait, Breast Stroaker, Any Crack'll Do
Hash Cash: $5

Ohh, what fun! A threesome of Reading HHH best men are joining forces to lead the half-minds on a trail ending in impending doom…I mean float!

Come prepared for trail before floating festivities and BYO float and float beverages.
ON ON at 2058 River Road, Reading, PA 19605. See HTM below.  DO NOT park in the Coast Guard Auxiliary lot. Park along the street.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

RH3 #1122 The Dog Days of Summer Hash


Hares: Just Brittni and Nut Nibbler
Hash Cash: $5
ON-ON: 445 Acer Drive, Blandon 19510
As things heat up, hashers rush (or not rush) to cool down. Yells of "ON-ON" ring out in search of flour and more importantly...cold beverages. Through woods and water and roads and shiggy they pant and pant until HHH are found. These are the dog days of summer, and we are the hashers of Reading. Let them hear us howl, "ON-ON".
Join us as they lead us astray through Blandon and hopefully lead us to beverages that are cold, cheap, and in aluminum. Dry bag if you want.

Friday, July 7, 2023

RH3 #1121 The Down In Ginger Snatch Hash


On-On: Monday, July 17 @ 6:15PM - Parking Lot next to Russo's Market, 1150 Bern Rd, Wyomissing)

Hares: Ginger Snatch & Down In Front

Hash Cash: TBD

A-B Trail

More Details to Follow!

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

RH3 #1120 July 4th Hash

On-On: Tuesday, July 4th @ 5:30 am, 2619 Hill Road, Reading, PA 19606

Hash Cash: $20

Its that time of the year... when you get the opportunity to drink more before 7AM than most will drink all day. For Reading HHH, that can only mean one thing, the ANNUAL 4th of JULY HASH! An event too stupid to die, brought to you by our old and grizzled team of July 4th Halfwits.
Our Fair City Reading still has the Firetower chained-off, so like the rest of the perverts who used to spend time there, we need to get creative if we want to get our rocks off on the 4th. Last year's "creativity" in which we found an unlocked gate at Drenkle Field doesn't make Her Grandness our GM sleep well at night, so we're moving to the other side of the mountain (I tell you, the sh1t we do for this lady to help her sleep that doesn't involve Rohypnol....)
Highly Technical Map To Follow. Park in the Parking Lots BEHIND the old Captains Cove / Mountain Springs and NOT at the restaurant itself. 
Be sure to dress appropriately for the event. This generally means Red, White, Blue, but if you prefer to dress like the statue of Lady Justice, you can always come blindfolded with one boob hanging out. Seriously, your choice, we're not going to judge. 
Please do NOT bring things that go "boom". If you want to hear something that frightens you, ask one of our hares to describe how their bodies are deteriorating with misuse and age.
Hash Cash is $20.00. This gets you trail, refreshments on trail and a delicious breakfast at a super secret location to which we've never ever ever ever been before on July 4th. 

Friday, June 16, 2023

RH3 #1119 The Pink Horn Hash

 On-On: Monday, June 19th @ 6:15pm, Antietam Lake Park (Angora Rd Trailhead, 301 Angora Rd, Reading, PA 19606)

Hash Cash: $5

Hares: Horn of Plenty & Two In The Pink

Saturday, May 13, 2023

RH3#1117 Summer of 69 Hash

 ON-ON: 6:15 @ Dominic Manzella Community Park (2153-2185 Elizabeth Ave., Reading 19560)

Hares: Swamp Thing, Stupid Brother, Bad Semen

A-B so plan on bringing a dry bag.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

RH3 #1116 Red Dress Hash

When: Saturday, May 13 - 2:00pm

ON-ON: West Reading Fire Department Social Quarters (434 Franklin St., West Reading, PA 19611)

Hash Cash: $20 (Bring cash for auction items)

Hares: Breast Stroker, Hot Lips, & Swamp Thing
One dress, two dress, blue dress, red dress. Fuck, did that wrong! Well that won't be the only thing wrong with this hash. I am sure there will be about 20 things wrong or at least two (here's looking at your short dress, Breast). 
Come join your favorite gang of misfits as we celebrate giving back to a cause the best way we know how, by drinking beer and buying stupid shit! All proceeds benefit Berks Breast Cancer Support Services.
**Don't forget to bring auction items of your own**

RH3 #1115 Cheaper By The Dozen Bakery BASH

 On-on: 1100 Park Rd., Blandon @ 6:00pm (Park in the rear)

When: May 1st

Hares: Stupid Brother and Dry Dolly
Do you like hashing? Do you like bikes? Well this hash is for you! Bring your best two wheels and show off your skills...drinking skills that is. Do your best to make not like Bukkake and stay on your bike as your hares lead you from ON1, ON2, to HHH.

RH3 #1114 The Flours of Narnia Hash

 Hares: Peeter on a Skeeter & Just Curtis

On-on: 6:15 pm from Quarry Lot

Thursday, March 9, 2023

RH# #1113 Erin Go Bragh-less Hash

 Hares: Ricky Dobby the Hash Elf & Stink Finger

On-On: 2:00pm

Have you ever wondered what a leprechaun and an elf have in common? They both love beer. No surprise, the hashers are hosting Saint Paddy's Day a day late. So brush off your pint and shot glasses, shake off that hangover, and join us for a bit of flour and beer finding.

More details to follow.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

RH3 #1112: Your Comfort Is Our Primary Concern

 ON-ON: Antietam Lake Parking Lot (200 Angora Rd.)

Hash Cash: $5, Limited # of exclusive long-sleeve shirts $15
Hares: Flamer, Decoytis Interruptus, Roadkill

May be an image of outdoors and text

Sunday, February 12, 2023

RH3 #1111 Living on Easy Stroke

 ON-ON: Conrad Weiser Middle School

When: 2:00PM

Hash Cash: $5
Hares: Legal-Easy, Breast Stroker
NO BOOZE AT ON-ON! Pre will be at Paradise by the Slice if interested. Park in the back lot behind the school. If you ever wondered what it would be like to be led down a trail of chalk by an Attorney and MD, then now is your chance. Get your legal rights and prostate/breasts examined all in one day!
Dry bag recommended

Monday, January 30, 2023

RH3 #1110 History Repeats Itself Hash

On-on: Bamba Lot (6-10 List Rd., Reading) See HTM
Hash-Cash: $10 (hash giveaway)
Hares: Horn of Plenty & Foot Fairy

**Dry bags recommended**

 May be an image of outdoors and text

Monday, January 9, 2023

RH3 #1108 Farewell to the Taproom Hash

Trail: A-B

Hash cash: $5

On-On: Northeast Middle School parking lot (Perry St. side)
Hares: ExCoGi, Casting Couch, & Bukkake
This it folks! The ultimate “kick the keg party”! This is the final day for our beloved Northeast Taproom. The OG bar of the Reading Hash House Harriers. It’s the day we sadly say farewell. If you have NETaproom gear, please wear it! If you have a photo(s) of hash memories, please post it. Got stories? Please tell them! It would be great to see some old pics from the early days of the hash. Bring cash cause they’re no longer accepting cards and we’re gonna finish all the beer they have! This event is excluded from your “dry January”. Might as well take off work on Monday. 
This is your last chance to #gotoyourroom