Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reading Hash #854 "The Totally Secret Decoy Hash!"

"The Totally Secret Decoy Hash" 

Here are the details for this Sunday's run (which will be maybe 1/3 as long as the DeathMarch™ that Scroat put you all through on Monday night.
ON-ON: 4PM / Cumru Elementary School on Rt 724 in Shillington. 
This is a DRY location

So those of you needing some sort of pre-lube will have to figure that sh*t out on your own.

HARES: Decoy (and a 'mystery hare') 

 ooooohhhh....whosoever could it be?

DRY BAG: As always, bring one. Circle and trail are dog friendly -- the apres will not be dog friendly. 

HASH CASH: $6.00
ON-ON Decoy