Tuesday, June 23, 2020

RH3 #1047 4th Of July Sunrise Hash @ Dawn

YES WE ARE!!!! What better fucking excuse to come out and celebrate our “FREEEEEDOM”, get shit ass drunk, and make bad choices all before 7am!!!!
Clear your Sunday, it’s going to be a Shit Show….yeah i know the 4th is Saturday. You may still want to clear your Sunday, and believe it or not the 4th actually falls on the 4th this year!! If you have never listened to “Living in America” at 5am with a beer in your hand you are barely considered American! If you have never been to a RH3 4th of July at Dawn than I am not sure you are actually a Hasher!
HARES PROMISE THIS TO BE YOUR BEST DAY OF 2020 SO FAR!!! I know...tall fucking order right?
Date: July 4th @ 5:39 AM Dawn! That does not mean 5:40 or 5:45 You dont want to see Bad lose his shit before his morning….uh shit!!
ONON: The William Penn Memorial Fire Tower (2500 Skyline Dr Reading Pa 19606)
PRELUBE: 5:00 AM AT The William Penn Memorial Fire Tower
Theam: Stuck in the house for the last 3 months 4th O July Slutty Shiek
Trail: A to Foot
Hash Cash: $20 (No actual $20 bills will be taken, we have had issues $1’s $5’s $10’s….rolls of pennies all good)
“WE WILL BE FOLLOWING ALL OF THE HASHING GREEN RULES AS LADE OUT BY THE HONWHOREABLE TOM WOLF” If they don't fit our needs it will be a celebration of life.
Some other Notes of Interest: Done be jerk….wear a mask if you want. Not required We will not be sharing cups and such. Stay home if your sick. We don't want to deal with silly stuff your almost grown...so please be respectful. That coming from me lol.
The Fine Print:
The Apres’s will be outdoor...like outdoor outdoor RAIN OR SHINE and a FULL BREAKFAST and BEER will be served as traditional. Bring your own chairs and such as none will be provided. If you have a “Pop Up” ( I’ll show you my pop up) Tent and want to bring it for shade we love you!!
I feel like thats already to many werds….just show the fuck up, and Let’s drink Bitches!!!!

RH3 #1046 The Phased and Confused Hash

Back in the day, before the COVID, before the lockdown, before the red/yellow/ and green phase.... there was a hash to be had. It was to be hared by the two of Reading's leading ladies of the porn industry: Exploited College GIrl and Casting Couch... and it was supposed to be the 420 Hash. Then the world went to shit. Now that we're slowly cumming back to life, these two X rated bimbos want to show us a good time. Emerging from the their sex den on the side of the Mt Penn, they bring to us RH3 #1047 The Green Phazed and Confused Hash!!
The deats:
When -Monday June 29th @ 615PM
Where -RACC Parking Lot (I assume the one on the other side of the bridge from the campus library... look for a map soon to cum)
Hares -Excogi and Casting Couch
Hash Cash - $6
Prelube - Maybe Canal Street? (stay tuned)
Bring a dry bag and your bong bitches!!