Monday, October 30, 2017

RH3 #966 The Bonfire Hash

Ok Wankers...this is it! The one, the only, the Bonfire Hash!! Join hares Fudgepacker, Little Man in the Boat and Tidy Bowl for this annual hommage to bushwacking, beer judging and burning shit!!! Odds are...Flamer's eyebrows will be gone by night's end.

The incendiary details:

Hares: Fudgepacker, Little Man in the Boat and Tidy Bowl

On On: 449 Orchard Road, Fleetwood, 11/4, 2:00

Prelube: Klinger's Fleetwood Grill

Hash Cash: $7
The apres will be Tidy Bowl's place. Food contributions are appreciated (don't be a cheap ass) and if anyone has any home brew to enter in the all means.

PS: I'm pretty sure Little Man in the Boat had her fill of hashers after Foot's 950th, so let's everyone be extra careful of their property and show her some luv for hosting us halfminds again!

Monday, October 23, 2017

RH3 #965 Crack's Analversary Hash

Ok, Crack's Analversary can you not want to be intimately involved??

The proctologic details:

On On: Ollie's Bargain Outlet parking lot, 2251 Lancaster Pike.
Sunday, 10/29, 2:00 (beware of cars...they're killers!!)

Prelube: Paolo's

Hash Cash: $5

Trail: A-B

How can you say no to those cheeks??

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

RH3 # 964 "The Halloween Hash"

Halloween. It’s the most wonderful time of the year....especially if you love parties, crossdressing and scaring the crap out of little kids!! We commemorate this holiday with all of the above at our annual Halloween Hash.

Hares: Head Pedaler and Cums On Demand

On On: Sunday 10/22, 2:00 at the Shillington Farmers Market

Prelube: Liberty Ale House

Hash Cash: $7

Drybags: <evil chuckle> Take your chances...

Costumes are mandatory and I’ll be giving out a very special prize for the sluttiest. No visible alcohol at the On On, so plan accordingly.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

RH3 #963 Capture the Beer

"Don't Stop, Belieeevin’......"
Hash Date: Oct 16th 2017 @ 6:15 Sharp!
"Just a small town girl, livin in a lonely world…."
Optpussy will be one of your hares!
"He took a midnight train goin’ anywhere…."
It’s also a Foot Fairy trail so it’s A to A “minus”!
"Streetlights, People, Up and down the boulevard….."
Some form of illumination is suggested, (but not required). It will be dark before you are done!
"Working hard to get my fill, everybody wants a thrill…"
Hash cash will be $7, Bring a couple bucks on trail, it may help you along the way!
"Some will win, some will lose…."
What does “Capture the Beer” mean? I guess you will need to show up and find out!...
"Their Shadows searchin in the Nighiiiiiiiiight….."
Trail will be extremely simple (like us) and well marked!
"A smell of wine and cheap perfume…."
Prelube is at DeCarlo's.
"It goes ON and ON and ON and ON ON…. "
On On is 228 Penn Street Reading (Parking Lot next to Bravo)
"Hold on to the feeling.....".
Apres’ will be announced at Circle!

Yes, there is a reason behind the theme song...learn it!

ON ON... Opto & Foot