Tuesday, August 28, 2018

RH3 #998 The Family Hash

Back by popular demand.....The Family Hash!!
Hares: Foot Fairly, Fudgepacker and ToeFU will whisk your little ones away on a whimsical scamper through the woodlands of Mt. Penn.
On On: Egelman Park, 2167ish Hill Rd, 9/9, "Juicebox" Prelube 1:00, Circle 2:00.
Hash Cash: $5/family....plus a covered dish.
As always, songs and such will be age-appropriate. After trail, stick around for burgers, etc. Adult beverages will, of course, be available...

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

RH3 #997 Lucifer On Wheels

Our last BASH (bike hash) was such a rousing success, we decided to have another!! Only this time, our host will be Beelzebub himself...

Demonic servants: Ducky, Partial Erection and Shrinkage
On On: Breneman Park, 2914 Reedy Rd., 8/27, 6:15
Prelube: Tavern on Penn
Hash Cash: $6.66 + your soul  
Mephistopheles commands you to wear a helmet ......

RH3 #996 Jorts for Djibouti

So, where is Djibouti and do they really wear jorts there?? Inquiring minds want to...oh look, they have beer!!
Join hares Optopussy, Hot for Teacher and Inuendo (not a bad ass among em') for this denim inspired romp about West Reading..or thereabouts...
On On: 305 N. Park Rd, Wyomissing (Park in the VF lot waaaay in the back), 8/19, 2:00
Prelube: Barley Mow
Hash Cash: $7
We expect your Jorts (jean shorts) to ALMOST cover your Djibouti. Let's get cheeky, RH3!!!