Monday, November 28, 2016

RH3 # 933 Three Chicks, Cheap and Easy!

Who can say no to that title….

Two of the Mismanagement hotties will continue the Hyman busting (can there be any left) with this not to be missed threesome and the ever anticipated deflouring of Just Katie. I understand on top of these three chicks being cheap and easy…they are going to take you places you have never been before!

If all of above was not enough, your hash cash for the day is a whopping $1! Now Wanks you may offer yourself up for $1. But to gets of these High Class Harriets for this cheap is a bargain. Yes please may I have another!

Chestnut street will be pissed….FYI Chestnut is is the Discount store to Franklin!

Sooo Easy!!

Hash Date – Sunday Dec 4th 2016 2PM
Hares – Optopussy, Sinderella, Just Katie
Prelube – Liberty Ale House
1501 Lancaster Ave, Reading Pa
ONON – 453 East Lancaster Ave, Reading PA
Park across the street in the Rite Aid Lot
Hash Cash - $1
Trail – A to $1

Dry Bag - $1

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

RH3 #933 A Doctor, a Lawyer and an Indian Chief Smoke Hash!

A Doctor, a Lawyer and an Indian Chief walk into a Hash Bar………..ok we have all heard this one before right!

Let’s keep this Month of Debauchery alive and kicking!  What better way to work off that Thanksgiving Hangover or the Black Friday Buyer’s Remorse than to get drunk and run around in the woods with 40 of your closest friends! Or the people you only associate with on Hash day ;)

As Hoagie Carmichael said in “Billy-A-Dick”…..ha I have no Idea what he said or who the fuck he is. But anyone who writes a song Called “Billy-A-Dick” is hash appropriate in my book. Flammer or Bad to supply history!

!!”ALL HYMENS MUST BE BROKEN”!! And this week again we keep NO HYMAN NOVEMBER alive with Just Tom being deflowered by his girl toy Legal Easy.

The legality…
Hares – Legal Easy & Just Tom
Hash Date – Nov 26th @2PM
Preube – Mary’s 6 Pack 12:30ish
835 Hiesters Ln, Reading, PA 19605
ONON - Laurel Run Park, 3048 River Road

Dry Bag – I don’t give a fuck, they might!

Monday, November 7, 2016

RH3 # 930 The Bonfire Hash 3D!!

This is our 3rd instalment of the Bonfire Hash and it never disappoints! How could it, shitty trail, home brew, goats, farm toys and a MASSIVE FIRE!! Tidey really does love some drunken pyromaniacs I guess because he keeps inviting us back!

Rest your liver for this one, Pre at 1, ONON 2, Apes / Bonfire at 6 and at some point fall on the ground drunk later in the night! If you have never been to this Hash or the Bonfire…change your schedule!! 

The ginger…
 HASH DATE: Saturday, Nov 12th, 2016 2:00 pm
OnOn: 449 Orchard Rd, Fleetwood
The Bonfire Location
Prelube: Grand Central Taproom (Fleetwood)
Hash Cash: $7
Your Hares: Tidy Bowl, Fudgepacker & Little Man In The Boat!
Trail: A-A or A-B or A-B-A...
Bring a Dry Bag with a change of clothes.
Hash Apres will flow into the Bonfire

If you plan on staying for the Bonfire (6:00 pm start), please bring a covered dish or snack to share. Bonfire will also feature some of the TYPE A Beer makers from the Pagoda Pacers... no guarantee on how good that beer will be