Tuesday, November 22, 2016

RH3 #933 A Doctor, a Lawyer and an Indian Chief Smoke Hash!

A Doctor, a Lawyer and an Indian Chief walk into a Hash Bar………..ok we have all heard this one before right!

Let’s keep this Month of Debauchery alive and kicking!  What better way to work off that Thanksgiving Hangover or the Black Friday Buyer’s Remorse than to get drunk and run around in the woods with 40 of your closest friends! Or the people you only associate with on Hash day ;)

As Hoagie Carmichael said in “Billy-A-Dick”…..ha I have no Idea what he said or who the fuck he is. But anyone who writes a song Called “Billy-A-Dick” is hash appropriate in my book. Flammer or Bad to supply history!

!!”ALL HYMENS MUST BE BROKEN”!! And this week again we keep NO HYMAN NOVEMBER alive with Just Tom being deflowered by his girl toy Legal Easy.

The legality…
Hares – Legal Easy & Just Tom
Hash Date – Nov 26th @2PM
Preube – Mary’s 6 Pack 12:30ish
835 Hiesters Ln, Reading, PA 19605
ONON - Laurel Run Park, 3048 River Road

Dry Bag – I don’t give a fuck, they might!

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