Sunday, April 23, 2017

RH3# 944 - 1st Monday Trail of 2017

1st Monday of the year!! Everybody loves a Monday hash….why you ask! Because Monday Evening is where this great tradition of ours began in 1938. Who the fuck are we to mess with 79 years of tradition right. So at RH3 we hash on Mondays April / October to rid ourselves of the excess of the weekend! That is how it has been since RH3 was founded and so it shall be FOREVER!!

So what do we know about this ever so great event “The 1st Monday Trail of 2017” ?????…….ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! 

Hash Date: Monday April 24th 2016 @ 6PM
Hare: ?????
ONON: Egelmans Park 6pm
Prelube: Liberty Taproom 5PM
Hahs Cash: $2
Dry Bag: Possibly

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