Monday, June 27, 2016

RH3# 916 - The 30th Running of The Reading 4th O' July Sunrise Hash!


This is the 30th Running of the Reading Hash House Harriers
4th O’ July Sunrise Hash!

What better excuse to come out and celebrate our freedom to hash than this! YES it is a time honored tradition SO you may see a tad bit of “tradition” relived in this year’s event. Hmmm wow….with 30 years of tradition and only half mind drunken recollections of it who the fuck knows what you may see!!

We look forward to seeing so many of the out of town faces we see year after year….this years trail as always is sure to put a twinge in your junk!

If you have never listened to “Living in America” at 5am with a beer in your hand you are barely considered American! If you have never been to a RH3 4th of July than I am not sure you are actually a Hasher! And If you are from RH3 and have never been to the 4th than you better get your ass up at dawn, dress in you finest Red White & Blue and join in what makes us Oh So Exceptionally Shitty here in Reading!. Yes I am calling you out ya’ll know who you are!!

As some ol’ fucks said one - 'It's a Hash - Damn it, so Show Up'!  Never wiser words have been spoken and so eloquent!

The Shit….

Hares – Foot Fairy, Flaming Asshole & Toe FU
ONON – The William Penn Memorial Fire Tower (2500 Skyline Dr Reading Pa 19606)
TIME – 5:39 AM Dawn! That does not mean 5:40 or 5:45 The Hash waits for no one!
PRELUBE - The William Penn Memorial Fire Tower @ 5AM ish
TRAIL - A to B
BEES – Free This Year!
**** This trail is A to B please make sure you get everything in your drybag you may need. No bitching will be tolerated because some bimbo needs a hair dryer or some wanks shorts are full of quagmire and no chicks will get near him! Remember as always, your comfort is our primary concern and safety is like 15th after combing your neighbor’s dog!

God Bless America And Never Trust The Hares!

Spread the word………Let’s drink at Dawn Bitches! FF

Highly Technical Map!

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