Tuesday, June 7, 2016

HASH # 913 - THIRD THIRSTY MONDAY (on the second monday!)

OK wanks…..another Monday night coming at ya! This one presented by Just Kylie & Foot Fairy! This is the RH3 version of the Third Thirsty Thursday. The trail will go where TTT would go if they had any BALLS or TRAINing! There will be NO awards and you will get more than ONE free beer. You could even see some soft pretzel, licorice and most definitely a megaphone!

Hey: Maybe there will be a cheering section of non-drinking A Types in the parking lot!

The Nasty Bits….

Date: Monday June 16th
Time: 6:15 ONON
Address: 451 Morgantown Rd, Reading PA 19611
Prelube: Troopers as soon as you can get there!

Hash Cash: $7
Dry Bag: I don’t give a shit!

FYI: Just Kylie’s favorite men are Jim…..Jack and Johnnie!

If you miss this one you suck!! FF

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