Tuesday, May 24, 2016

RH3 # 912 - An Evening With Lucifer!

An Evening With Lucifer…..who the “HELL” comes up with these names!

Back to Mondays for a bit fam. I personally love me a good Monday night trail, don’t get me wrong I love the epic weekend torture as well but Mondays just feel right! This Monday will be brought to you by Ducky and Just Todd. Just Todd?? It appears we have ANOTHER HARE HYMEN to be decimated. The last time we had a hash start in this area it was also an evening with Lucifer. Considering most of us did not make it back until after dark after about 11 miles of hell trail.....Just Sayin’!

On a side note, did you ever wonder where Ducky got his name?

The Nasty Bits on this little adventure….

Date: Monday June 6th
Hares: Ducky & Just Todd
Hash Cash: $5 (We like cheap!)
OnOn: 6:15 PM
Be Prompt The Hash Waits for Nobody!
OnOn Location: 2251 Lancaster Pike, Reading Pa 19607
Prelube: 5pm @ Flanagan’s
Dry Bag: The Hares said “Fuck Right”!

With a name like this we may just have to sacrifice another virgin…so bring some!! OnOn FF

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