Monday, May 16, 2016

#911 The Sinfully Submissive Hash

"The" Sinfully Submissive Hash 
HMM......Ok i am in! Not only is this a threesome of amazingly Sinfull Harriett Hares. But they are bossy to!

Three Sirens from the RH3 Kennel have joined together to make you CUM!  But there are RULES! And you will follow them or you will be PUNISHED.  You will bring $7 Hash Cash.  You will bring a Dry Bag because they will make you WET. Be prepared to find your G Spot.  There might be seduction on the rocks. All Harriets that cum will be REWARDED. This may be a Leg Spreader, so don't forget your SAFE WORD.  They may even whisper your Pet Name in your ear. This is a Mystery Location. You are on a need to know basis.  The location will be revealed shortly, but you can know that the Pre-Lube will be at the Blue Marsh Canteen at 1PM.

Date : Sunday May 22nd (This just happens to be Holy Trinity Sunday...Coincidence?)
Time: Pre Lube 1PM Blue Marsh Canteen
 (5035 Bernville Rd, Bernville, PA 19506)
OnOn Time: 2pm Be on time...the hash waits for no one!
Location: I guess this is a secret....i will post as soon as i know.
Hash Cash: $7
Dry Bag: A must

If we ever get a real ONON location i will post one of my extremely technical, utmost in high quality Maps! On-On, Let's get nutz! FF

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