Friday, July 15, 2016

RH3# 917 Neversink Again!? WTF!!

Ahhh…….what better way to come back from the 4th O July  fun than to be on Neversink Mt AGAIN! We actually get to see a good couple of Monday trails in a row. What is better in the summer than a good ol’ Monday night trail??? A bunch in a row!

This trail will be brought you by our very own picture puking Trail Master and his ginger of choice. No it’s not Sascrothch, we already saw him once this month. They claim they are taking us on Neversink AGAIN and we should have the Mt “down” by now. Since FU Hares this hill often,…….I feel a fucking with in our future. Or Not? I hope we get to see the horse farm again and the super nice people that live there, they have up all those lovely Welcome Hasher Signs!

Here is the shit

Hares – Toe FU & Princess Fiona
Trail – Monday July 18th
ONON – 6:15 @ Klapperthal Rd The 1st 6 cars get parking the rest are fucked.
Klapperthal Rd, Reading, PA 19606, USA
Prelube – The RH3 Clubhouse as soon as you can get there.
Liberty Tap Room
Hash Cash: $7
Dry Bag: They say you can decide….like we were going to listen either way.

FYI – With the attendance we have seen of late. Carpool from liberty, park at the cemetary or at the top of the hill in the lot across the street. Klapperthal is not going to hold 50 cars!

Highly Technical Map!

Love ya fuckers…..FF

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