Friday, July 29, 2016

RH3# 916 - Making Reading Dangerous Again

Ok Wanks!! After a small and well deserved intermission we return with some Monday Madness and have Deathwish….Making Reading Dangerous Again!

A big welcome home to Deathwish, it’s about time he cumms back to his home kennel and graces us with some shittyness. Here is some Pontification from him to kick this bitch off….

“I could care less if you bring a dry bag or Poison Ivy block. We are here to bring the pain!! Don’t be a PUSSY all your life and get to this hash. We will show you how we don’t get caught by all you A type bastards”

This will be a live trail and he wants a 12 minute head start…why not an hour!? Either way I guess he is calling yall’ bitches out! I hope he wears a colorful thong!

Monday 8/8 Stonecliff
Hares – Deathwish & Some Just…
Prelube – Mikes Tavern any time after 4pm
135 Exeter St, Reading, PA 19601
OnOn – Stonecliff Park
Lehigh & Monroe St Reading PA 19601
Circle 6:15 – Hares Out 6:25 OnOn 6:37
The Hash Waits for No one!

Hash Cash - $5

See you soon, FF

Highly Technical Map!!

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