Monday, December 12, 2016


BYOG: YES!!! Bring your own shotgun….it’s a Foot Fairy & Just Todd kinda hash!

Daniel Boon Rod & Gun Club will be our playground for Sunday. According to RH3 legend this section of our hill has only ever been Hashed one time ever. This is private property is typically patrolled by 50 drunken hunters with copious amounts of flying bullets and arrows. But for this day….just this ONE DAY it will be our RH3 Playground!!!!  #LEGALLY

One stop shopping……PRELUBE, TRAIL, APRES…..all at the gun club!

Now, back to the bring your own gun part! We will have beer and Trap shooting at the Prelube.  We thought it best to do this before the hash as after could be well, interesting. If you have a shotgun and would like to bring it great, if not we will have one for you to use. If wish to hide in the lodge and get nowhere near the guns, well that will be accommodated also!

“No worries, no rifles...only the "GUN" used for fun will be allowed after the prelube" ”

Want to run some new trail on “OUR” hill…then don’t miss this one. Just Todd is going big on his Virgin Trail with this location. Plus he has “THE HASH Gentleman” at his side. What could go bad!

The range…

Hares: Foot Fairy & Just Todd
Hash Date: Sunday October 18th 2016
ONON: Daniel Boon Rod & Gun Club
301 Dautrich Rd, Reading, PA 19606
Prelube: Daniel Boon Rod & Gun Club 12:30ish!
Dry Bag: Daniel Boon Rod & Gun Club
Hash Cash: $7
!!!!!!!!!!: If the gate is closed when you get there Honk and we will let you in!!

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