Monday, October 3, 2016

RH3 #925 The Half Way There "Short Straw Hash"

Woooooooah Livin' On  A Prayer.....It's time to Christen the Club House South Bitches!!

So What is the Short Straw Hash??
let's start with the basics
When: OCT 10, 2016
Hash Cash $5
(The rest wil be subsidized by Toe Fu's profit from #924)
Hares go off @ 6:10 SHARP so get there by 6:00pm

1501 Lancaster Ave, Reading, PA 19607

First we meet up @ Liberty Ale House
The Short straw is the 1st hare of the night
They choose a partner to help them lay trail
We give them flour, chalk, a map and money
they take us to another bar (clearly marked on the map)
The Hares head out and start laying trail
They get a 10 min head start... Head? Who Said Head?
The hash tries to catch the hares before they get to the next bar
We get to the bar, we drink at the bar, we Draw Straws and
repeat as necessary.
Eventually we get back to Liberty for the Apres

It's dark out early...bring cranium illumination of you wish! 


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