Tuesday, October 11, 2016

RH3 # 926 Bitch, Bitch.....Fuck You!

Father forgive us, for we know exactly what we do! Such language…...really(Pinky Out)!

I am letting this one speak for itself, no need to blabble on. With a title like this...i am sure the whole kennel and every out of towner we know will drop by!

Date: Monday 10/17 @ 6:15
Hares:Frank Burns Father FermentMe and Just Elizabeth
Prelube: Tavern on Penn Opens at 4PM.
(2601 Penn Ave, West Lawn, PA 19609)
On On: Penn Ave. and Rt 724
(the Old Food Lion lot)
Hash cash: $7
Trail: 'A to Fuck You'
Dry Bags highly encouraged.

Bring a light...or be stupid and get lost....or both! Oh yeah did I mention that Father & Frank Brew Beer together!!  

See you Monday FF

Highley Tecnical map to CUMMMMM

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