Thursday, September 22, 2016

RH3# 924 "From Hare To Eternity"

Following our Analversary we have Hash #924 “From Hare To Eternity”! This witty entitlement is brought to you by Toe FU & Sucks It In!  

Any time Toe Fu hares a trail three things are for sure. For 1..there is 100% chance mother nature will F&#K him. Two...we will get 300 anal instructions on where to park, circle, stand, drink, how to act and who not make to mad. And 3...There is a very good possibly that literally no trail will be found anywhere!

He sent me a picture to use from the 1950’s movie he twisted the title from, but it just was not a FF picture so I picked my own! (Sorry FU) you post plenty anyway! This movie does have many hash like qualities…..disobeying the rules, a bugler, semen, singing, asians, explosions….. you get the point!

The Anal Bits…
HASH DATE: 10/1/2016 2PEEE m
HARES: Sucks It In & Toe FU
HOST TOWN: Hamburg, the home of the King Frost, Hemburgerrfest, Toe Fu, Jack Rowe and and big Rocks and Dam’s to get drunk and fling yourself off of.
PRELUBE: Jake’s Place, this place has more rules then the Neuengamme Concentration Camp.
(3557 Old U.S. 22, Hamburg PA 19526)
PARKING: Across the street at the School Lot. Apparently Jake had enough of us at Get you Tip out of my Clam!
ONON: 2PM Behind Jake' 50 paces, as to not disturb the “real” patrons.
(3557 Old U.S. 22, Hamburg PA 19526)
DRY BAGS: FU is blabbeling about some Blue Marsh Creek and the Schuylkill so yes!

Oh yeah, and according to Toe FU rule # 300 Jake would also like us not to have an alcohol in public near his establishment haha!

See you in Hamburg Bitches this should be a good one!! ONON FF


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