Monday, April 16, 2018

RH3 #984 Type AA Hash

So now that you're all rested from the Type B hash, bring those fresh legs out to chase hares Analholics Anonymous and Cougar Bait on a live trail through some believed to be un-hashed real estate.  This will be a mostly trail trail, very little road, some extremely old road signs and some nice scenery. Shiggy socks are recommended, dry bags are up to you, but moist feet are highly likely.  Trail is a True A-B.
On-On 4/22, 2:00  0.1 miles west of intersection of Buzzard Road and Mohn's Hill Road.  Highly technical map to follow.
Pre-lube is at Stouts Brewery.
Hash Cash - $7.   
See you all on Sunday!

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