Monday, April 2, 2018

RH3 #982 Vimy Ridge Hash

Let’s go “out for a rip” you hosers! It’s the Vimy Ridge Hash! The battle at Vimy Ridge was the start to the battle of Arras (our ass) On this day, all of Canada remembers the Canadians one and only (well as far as we’re concerned) contributions to the World Wars.

What? Who cares about Vimy Ridge? Well no one really. The hares just wanted to add a theme and provide some education to the kennel. Besides, Canada has provided so much to society.

So back in the day.... and we’re talking the BIG ONE....that’s right, WW1... Canada got off its collective arse and made a contribution to the beginning of the end for Germany. So our own Bad Semen (closest to being born in Canada. Yup, he’s born and bred in Wisconsin AND he dated a Canadian Hasher for 5 years) and Fudgie are putting up the first Monday night hash of 2018 to celebrate the demise of the Deutsches Heer.
That and because it’s about fucking time to get off sundays! You Fucks have been ridin’ that bitch too hard! Lets get on to Monday’s.

Details: On-On City Park parking lot off Washington St in Reading
Pre-lube : Ugly Oyster, 5th and Cherry St, Reading, PA
Hash cash is 7.73 CAD eh? Figure that shit out!
Pack off promptly at 6:15 you wanks
Not kidding around, daylights burning!

On-On eh??

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