Friday, August 13, 2021

#1071: Oley Ghost Hash

Oley Ghost, the Redemption Hash

Many of you weren't hashing yet when Ricky Dobby, the Hash Elf laid his prior and first trail during the reign of Fudgepacker the Magnificant. 
Rebuffing all attempts at tutelage, he was going to do it his way. Trail commenced on a blazingly hot day with a nearly 2 mile pavement slog straight 
down Manatawny Road. Then left and up the near vertical powerline, again in full sun. At the top, exhausted hashers were treated to thirst-quenching vodka shots. 
Then back down the mountain. Still a good 5-6 miles from the HHH, nearly all opted to autohash in ToeFU's SUV. The apres' included an entire half keg 
of Golden Monkey. To call the day a shitshow would be an understatement. But that won't happen this time....right? 
Fresh off double secret probation, Ricky Dobby has promised a gentle, scenic jaunt through the Oley Valley. And ToeFU has promised to insure he keeps that promise. 
(Obviously, no guarantees on weather)
Hares: Ricky Dobby, the Hash Elf and ToeFU
On On: 8/15, 2:00 PM 
 71 Boyer Road, Oley PA 
Pre: Same spot, just cum a bit sooner
Hash Cash: $5
The rest, we'll leave to fate..

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