Wednesday, July 14, 2021

#1069: The Summer of 69'



Tired of smashing the same old thing week after week??
Cum join Black Cox Matter and Roids as they bang......out hash #1069
There is sure to be plenty of plowing .......through deep shiggy
No quickies here either, Roids definitely knows how to lay an impressive trail.
Make the trip to Pound Town....AKA Chalfont.
Be sure to pack your suits to join us for cock........tails by our pool after.
Ps: Roids “impressive trail” isn’t length. Hares have assured me the it’s more about girth and trail will be a reasonable 4ish miles… give or take. 
On on is 1 Highpoint Drive, Chalfont behind some gym. Highly technical map to follow when Roids learns to use a computer. 
Hash cash $5
Bring a suit to pool party after! 

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