Wednesday, October 31, 2018

RH3 #1003: Flash - The Stupidly Bad Hash... a float in November?! No you dumb fucks, it’s a flashlight hash!

Two of RH3’s seniors are cumming out of retirement to treat us to some hashing through the mountainous woods of Mohnton... in the dark. As you all know we don’t pride ourselves on our stellar mental capabilities, so here’s the first of several reminders... BRING A HEADLAMP OR FLASHLIGHT!! Here’s the deats...

RH3 #1003: The Flash

-Sunday November 4, 5:30PM
79 Yorkshire Rd, Mohnton
-Hares: Bad Semen & Stupid Brother
Hash Cash: I was told $5-$7, so bring $7 and maybe you’ll get a day of discount!!

Prelube: Paolo’s Restaurant & Bar

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