Wednesday, May 2, 2018

RH3 #986 Red Dress Hash

Ok, Halfminds.... this is your opportunity to do something special for something very close to all our hearts.....


This year’s Red Dress Hash will benefit The Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County.

Hares: Hotlips, BreastStroaker and Swamp

On On: The North End Rod and Gun Club (The DIPS), 2010 Fairmont Ave, Reading, 5/12, 2:00

Hash Cash: $20 (just shut up and pay it!)

PreLube: Mari’s 6 Pak N More

Halfmind Explanation: Ok....focus!!! This is a charity event, so your $20 gets you a fanfuckingtastic trail as well as primo beer and grub at the apres. As usual, there will be a charity auction. Drink heavily, bid stupidly (AC/DC left some big shoes to fill) We NEED items and/or services for auction. Gently used sex toys and personal........ahem... ”relaxation techniques” (with a doctor’s note) are encouraged.

In addition, a famous local artist has designed a pair of
breast-supportive (bra?) shiggy socks SPECIFICALLY for purchase at this event. Rest assured that the $15 you spring for a pair of these babies will spare you from years of ridicule and abuse.

Beer....Boobies....Benevolence. There is NO higher calling...

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