Monday, September 18, 2017

RH3 #961 33rd Analversary Hash

Happy Birthday to Us!! We gather to celebrate the 33rd year of halfmindedness, back where it all started. ..

Join hares Fudgepacker and Any Crack'll Do for a romp thru the Wyo burbs.

Reading Blvd. and Plymouth Place, Fri 9/22 @ 6:15
Hash Cash: $3.30
Prelube: Barley Mow

Added Attraction: After graciously hosting H5's banner for the last 6 months and allowing it to accompany us to many foreign and exotic destinations, we have decided it should return to it's original "Den of Debauchery". How will this occur, you ask? We're not tellin...but it'll be worth witnessing!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for stopping by the sac. It was a fun night. My mother was touched with your honoring my father's memory