Monday, May 8, 2017

RH3# 946 For Your Pleasure!! (Hare Today)

Our Bi-Hashual Friend from Harrisburg / Hockessin / RH3.....Hare Today has decided to Hare his first tral in our fine town. No not today, next week...

What do we know??? He is bringing a very special remaing namless till CUMM time. Everone likes some strange right??

We know we will ONON the Lift Equipemnt side of the Van Reed.....hmmm can you take a guess where the prelube is? Yup the Van Reed. I woulnder what he may pick as a Apres spot??

In the words of our fine "Hare" Cum on Monday Eve and feel the good vibes!!!"

Hash Cash $7
Prelube & ONON : Van Reed in 183
ONON Time: 6:15 Sharp!!
Dry Bag: I dont give a shit...

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