Tuesday, January 31, 2017

RH3# 940 LOVE IS A BITCH!....and two bearded men

1st order of business….I met 3 different people at Liberty this weekend during our many RH3 appearances, these people follow our Kennel weekly via the interweb but have not attended a trail yet. I guess it’s easy to pick us out in a crowd. Possibly you are waiting for a personal invitation, well
“THIS IS IT” now show up!!

I am not sure what this trail name is all about, but I see crazy triangle of confusion with nice asses and facial hair. Oddly enough if you google “Two men with Beards” you get a whole slew of pictures with young hipster men sporting crack-like beards making out with each other. Maybe Just Tamra is bitching because she is trying to get in on the action??

One thing I can tell you is while this trail is 2/3’s Virginal Haring…..it’s 100% racist! Yes Crack is at it again, trashing some more Hare Hyman with his pimp hand strong!  He is giving Iceberg Slim a run for his money in breaking new tricks to the game! But seriously these 3 hares like their trail, and they are running it LIVE. I am sure there is one rear you would not mind running all up in with this crew!

The glutes…

Hash Date: Sunday February 12 in the Year of the Cock!
Hares: Any Crack’ll Do, Just Tamra & Just Chris
ONON: 2PM Fritztown Rd & Chapel Hill Rd Reading PA 19608
For you Fancy Fucks: 40.304795, -76.049240
Parking: Turn onto Chapel Hill off Fritztown and you will see parking along the road
(If we get some snow before this event expect a parking change!) HTM to CUMM…
Prelube: Railroad House
(152 Woodrow Ave, Sinking Spring 19608)
Hash Cash: $6

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