Tuesday, March 22, 2016

HASH #904 - I Pity the Foolz!

OK...are we really going to hash on a Friday??
The Friday of April Fools?? 
Is the ONON really Jungle Blow's house??. 

Well the answer to the above is either yes...or there is going to be one really pissed off Family on Old Wyomissing Ave! Prepare to be FOOLED by Jungle Blow, Just Tiffany, & Just Dave. Hopefully one of them has laid a trail before...FU did you check their credentials??

 FYI - The HPO is pissed...WTF approved a Friday HASH, there I go getting in trouble already!! FF:)

(Cheep just how we like it!)

On On is at Jungle Blow's house
718 Old Wyomissing Rd. (Don't pee on the bushes!)

Prelube at Brewers 5:00PM

Illumination is optional...a Dry bag is not!

1 comment:

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