Tuesday, August 7, 2018

RH3 #997 Lucifer On Wheels

Our last BASH (bike hash) was such a rousing success, we decided to have another!! Only this time, our host will be Beelzebub himself...

Demonic servants: Ducky, Partial Erection and Shrinkage
On On: Breneman Park, 2914 Reedy Rd., 8/27, 6:15
Prelube: Tavern on Penn
Hash Cash: $6.66 + your soul  
Mephistopheles commands you to wear a helmet ......

RH3 #996 Jorts for Djibouti

So, where is Djibouti and do they really wear jorts there?? Inquiring minds want to...oh look, they have beer!!
Join hares Optopussy, Hot for Teacher and Inuendo (not a bad ass among em') for this denim inspired romp about West Reading..or thereabouts...
On On: 305 N. Park Rd, Wyomissing (Park in the VF lot waaaay in the back), 8/19, 2:00
Prelube: Barley Mow
Hash Cash: $7
We expect your Jorts (jean shorts) to ALMOST cover your Djibouti. Let's get cheeky, RH3!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

RH3 #995 The Totally Legal Hash

The kennel's legal counsel has decided to treat us all to a trail. 
On On: On the advice of our attorney, I can now confirm it’s the lot behind Big Lots, 5th St Highway (40°23'01.0"N 75°55'30.5"W for you techno nerds), 8/6, 6:15
Prelube: Shirley’s Tequila Bar
Hash Cash: $6

I rest my case...

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

RH3 #994 Float Hash (FLASH)

Hares Crack, Cougar and Breaststroaker have once again cum up with a trail that’ll get you nice and wet.

On On: 321 N. Furnace St. Birdsboro (back lot), 7/22, 11:30

Prelube: Island Pizza, 10:30

Hash Cash: $5 covers Circle beer and apres food. Bring cash for apres beverages.

Also bring a flotation device unless you’re a great swimmer. Hares will transport it to the put in point on the river.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

RH3 #993 The Bash

It's back again...the Bash!! Hares NFB and Foot Fairy promise a "mostly urban" route, suitable for mountain, hybrid or cross bikes.
On On: Canal Street Pub, 7/9, 6:00
Hash Cash: $1, but bring money for later because beers are on you.
Pre-Lube: Oh, just drink there...
There will be a 100' restraining order between my vehicle and Teen Beat!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

RH3 #992 America, What a Country!!

Ok, Fellow Americans...this is it! The ultimate way to show your patriotism...AND get your drink on, all before 6AM!!

Hares ToeFU, Foot Fairy, Flaming Asshole and Decoitus Interruptus have once again assembled a scenic, invigorating and downright fun romp in the nether regions of Mt. Penn.

On On: William Penn Firetower, 361 Skyline Dr., Reading, 7/4, 5:39AM (Stop whining...we'll be up way before you will!!)

Hash Cash: $20 (and worth every penny)

Prelube: Firetower, 5ish. Excogi is promising bagels and mimosas. We'll see what happens. She DID bail on the boob check last trail...

Let's all fly our flags proudly!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

RH3 #991 Who's Your Daddy?

Join hares Decoy & Hogrider, with a special appearance by Mantits, as they attempt to answer that age old question “Who’s Your Daddy??”.

On On: Robesonia Springs Car Wash (park at the school, drink at the car wash)
4 Hyneman Ln, Robesonia, PA 19551, 6/18, 6:15
Prelube: Paradise by the Slice

Hash cash: $7

Paternity tests will be available for a nominal fee...

Monday, June 4, 2018

RH3 #990 The June 11th Hash

In the spirit of getting back to our roots (The first hashes were on Monday nights...), hares Crack, Cougar and Casting Couch have pooled their collective creative juices to cum up with...
"The June 11th Hash!!"
On On: Woodland Rd, Reading (The now closed Tilted Kilt lot), 6/11, 6:15
Prelube: On the Border
Hash Cash: $6
Let's luv us some Monday nite trail!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

RH3 #989 Why the Hell do We Have to Name Every Hash?!

Blame it on Social Media...Fake News...or just a short attention span. We like trails with a theme (well, most of us...) So, this theme will be "why do we always need a theme?". It may rankle a few old timers...but that's kinda fun too...
Join our hash horn Cougar Bait, et al. for what is sure to be a balls out adventure.
On On: parking lot at Cabela's in Hamburg (highly technical map cumming shortly), 6/3, 1:00
Prelube: Pappy T's (it's just across the highway)
Hash cash: $7
This one probably ain't gonna be pretty...but I'm sure it'll make for some great stories!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

RH3 #988 Kegs and Eggs

After their eggcellent trail last Memorial Day weekend, we were eggstatic when Foot Fairy and Crack decided to eggstend their event to another year.

On On: Liberty Taproom, 237 N. Prospect Ave., Reading, 5/26, Sometime after 9...

Hash Cash: $7

Prelube: Liberty Taproom 9:00

Trail: A-B  (Liberty to Sofrito's)

An eggtravagant way to kick off your holiday weekend!

Monday, May 14, 2018

RH3 # 987 Whores N More

Dances With Whores takes us on his anal solo foray around the wilds of Oakbrook. 

On On: Schlegel Park pool, 100 E. Wyomissing Blvd, Rdg, PA, 19611, 5/21, 6:09PM

Hash Cash: $7

Prelube: Oakbrook Brewing

Cum see what this wizened wanker has in store for us...

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

RH3 #986 Red Dress Hash

Ok, Halfminds.... this is your opportunity to do something special for something very close to all our hearts.....


This year’s Red Dress Hash will benefit The Breast Cancer Support Services of Berks County.

Hares: Hotlips, BreastStroaker and Swamp

On On: The North End Rod and Gun Club (The DIPS), 2010 Fairmont Ave, Reading, 5/12, 2:00

Hash Cash: $20 (just shut up and pay it!)

PreLube: Mari’s 6 Pak N More

Halfmind Explanation: Ok....focus!!! This is a charity event, so your $20 gets you a fanfuckingtastic trail as well as primo beer and grub at the apres. As usual, there will be a charity auction. Drink heavily, bid stupidly (AC/DC left some big shoes to fill) We NEED items and/or services for auction. Gently used sex toys and personal........ahem... ”relaxation techniques” (with a doctor’s note) are encouraged.

In addition, a famous local artist has designed a pair of
breast-supportive (bra?) shiggy socks SPECIFICALLY for purchase at this event. Rest assured that the $15 you spring for a pair of these babies will spare you from years of ridicule and abuse.

Beer....Boobies....Benevolence. There is NO higher calling...

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

RH3 #985 Cunto de Mayo

Hey, I didn't name it...they did!

Join hares Bushwacker, ExCoGi, Gets Paid for Oral and Just Kate on this taco-inspired trail.

On On: Mt. Penn Firetower, 5/6, 2:00

Hash Cash: $7

Prelube: Liberty Taproom

I have a feeling it's gonna take a lot of tequila to get the taste of this one out of your mouth...

Monday, April 16, 2018

RH3 #984 Type AA Hash

So now that you're all rested from the Type B hash, bring those fresh legs out to chase hares Analholics Anonymous and Cougar Bait on a live trail through some believed to be un-hashed real estate.  This will be a mostly trail trail, very little road, some extremely old road signs and some nice scenery. Shiggy socks are recommended, dry bags are up to you, but moist feet are highly likely.  Trail is a True A-B.
On-On 4/22, 2:00  0.1 miles west of intersection of Buzzard Road and Mohn's Hill Road.  Highly technical map to follow.
Pre-lube is at Stouts Brewery.
Hash Cash - $7.   
See you all on Sunday!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

RH3 #983 Type B Hash

If you were planning to get someType A activity for the day, do it before you get here.

Hares: Breaststroaker and Hotlips

On On at 2pm at 3 Marlin Ave, Wernersville, PA 19565.

Hash Cash $7.

PreLube at Paradise by the Slice.

This will be a LIVE trail!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Vimy Ridge Prelube Change

Due to circumstances beyond my sphere of influence, DeCarlo's is closed, so the Prelube is moved to the Ugly Oyster, 5th and Cherry St.

Monday, April 2, 2018

RH3 #982 Vimy Ridge Hash

Let’s go “out for a rip” you hosers! It’s the Vimy Ridge Hash! The battle at Vimy Ridge was the start to the battle of Arras (our ass) On this day, all of Canada remembers the Canadians one and only (well as far as we’re concerned) contributions to the World Wars.

What? Who cares about Vimy Ridge? Well no one really. The hares just wanted to add a theme and provide some education to the kennel. Besides, Canada has provided so much to society.

So back in the day.... and we’re talking the BIG ONE....that’s right, WW1... Canada got off its collective arse and made a contribution to the beginning of the end for Germany. So our own Bad Semen (closest to being born in Canada. Yup, he’s born and bred in Wisconsin AND he dated a Canadian Hasher for 5 years) and Fudgie are putting up the first Monday night hash of 2018 to celebrate the demise of the Deutsches Heer.
That and because it’s about fucking time to get off sundays! You Fucks have been ridin’ that bitch too hard! Lets get on to Monday’s.

Details: On-On City Park parking lot off Washington St in Reading
Pre-lube : Ugly Oyster, 5th and Cherry St, Reading, PA
Hash cash is 7.73 CAD eh? Figure that shit out!
Pack off promptly at 6:15 you wanks
Not kidding around, daylights burning!

On-On eh??

Monday, March 19, 2018

RH3 #981 Hairy Palms Hash

95% of those surveyed admit to masturbating....and the other 5% are just lying. With that in mind, we proudly present....
The Hairy Palms Hash!!
Join veteran wanks ToeFU and Foot Fairy in this stimulating event.
On On: 100 Brown St., Reading (Lausch Elementary School), 3/25, 2:00
Hash Cash: $5
Prelube: Liberty Taproom (it's too convenient for this one...)
Remember lube...

Monday, March 12, 2018

RH3 #980 Kiss Me...I'm Still Shit-Faced

Hares: Old News, Casting Couch & Hare Today, Cum Tomorrow
On On: Hampden Park Pavilion, 13th & Hampden Blvd, 3/18, 2:00
PreLube: Johnny & Hons, 2546 Kutztown Rd
Hash Cash: $7
Trail: A to A-
Dry Bags: meh
Dogs and Frogs not allowed.

Beer Yoga


Hosts:  Just Lisa and Bukkake
Where:  At their house:  1825 Lorraine Rd, Reading
When:  March 23RD (Friday)
Time:  5:00pm Prelube
Yoga:  5:30pm -6:15
Beer/Happy Hour:  6:30 - ?

Yoga by Inuendo and Pooperliscious

Important:  If you can not make it for the yoga event, come at 6:30 for the Happy Hour.  You will have the opportunity to join two fun yoga/beer related challenges!

Just Lisa and Bukkake have room for 20 people so the FIRST 20 PEOPLE that respond will have a guaranteed spot. All others will have to come later and suffer through drinking a beer or two.
This is very Beginner friendly.  No worries if Beer and Yoga is the first yoga class you’ve ever attended, drink up!

What to Bring:
Beer! This is a BYOB event, but we will feed you.
A mat if you have one.  If you don’t, pm Inu.  I might be able to bring a couple extra.

Cost:  This is a DONATION BASED class to cover simple food, travel and time.  While we love you all, this did take work.

Namaste’ Bitches!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

RH3 #979 Mystery Hash

So, what do we know about this trail? Not a helluva lot!! The hares wish to remain anonymous at this time. Trail will probably be, as well.
We do know this...

On On is the Coachlight Tavern, 418 S 19th St, 3/11 @ 2:00
Pre is the same spot.
Hash cash is $6.

The rest...only the shadow knows! Yea, I know...about 5 hashers got that reference.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

RH3 #978 Why The Fuck Not?

Why? Because 3 weeks between hashes is just too long! And who doesn't want to cum out and drink?? The temps are getting warmer, it'll probably rain ....what other reason do we need? Let's make it a hash day, Bitches!
On On: 505 Brownsville Rd (Behind the fire company), 2/25, 2:00
Hares: Cougar Bait and Pooperlicious
Hash Cash: $7
Prelube: Ganley's
There will be a Turkey/Eagle option. Why? WHY THE FUCK NOT?!

Monday, February 19, 2018

World Record Beer Race Brunch Social

When: Saturday March 10th 11am'ish
Prelube: 9am ( How do you prelube for a Drinking Social?? Prelube will be a hosted Ride & Run)
Cash: $10 Includes 2 Pints of Beer and a Bunch O’ Large Breakfast Pizzas
Where: Liberty Tap Room Exeter
Who: RH3 ++ bring your friends, anyone that can drink two pints will do
Firkin: 40 Pints Each!


So you know those things we all love called Firk’ins? You know they sit on the bar and they tap fresh beer out of them….Well apparently there is a world record for how fast a Crew of dinking professionals can consume one of these bitches

I feel like we should take a go at the World Record...so we will! With a twist! even with an A type Prelube, and the fact that we are trying to beat a world record. I figured I would make this even more competitive. I have worked with our good friend Josh from Liberty to not get one...but TWO firkins of Hijynx tasti’ness brewed by Josh himself…

TWO?? YES TWO….we are over fucking achievers here in Reading! We will not only be going after the world record, but we will have two teams competing so even if we don't beat the record, 50% of us can still be winners by beating our friends!

The quick dowN’dirty…..two teams 1 firkin each, time starts when you smack your bung in (no off position)….time stops when the last sip of the 40th pint is down. Hoping to get 2 teams of 20! Liberty is setting us up in the main dining area and will be videoing the event! Teams will be picked day of and you will be given time to stratigize!!

Yup, Ask away....….FF

Monday, February 5, 2018

RH3 #977 Year of the Dog

Ok, according to the Chinese, 2018 is the Year of the Dog. What this has to do with the next hash...I have no freakin idea!

Our hare, How Long, tried to explain it to me...but the hell who can understand him?!

What I did get was that the On On is the BK Trading Post, 2253 Lancaster Ave, Shillington, Sunday 2/18 @ 2:00.

Hash cash: $5

Prelube: Schaylor Brewery

The rest was unintelligible, except something about we are supposed to wear red...

Monday, January 15, 2018

RH3 #976 Groundhog Day Hash

It's Deja Vu all over again! Our anal Groundhog Day Hash, hared perennially and perversely, by our own Foot Fairy and Horn of Plenty.  

On On: Antietam Lake main lot, 200 Angora Rd., 2/4, 2:00 

Cash: $5

Pre: Liberty Taproom

"You want a prediction about the weather? You're asking the wrong Phil. I'm going to give you a prediction about this winter? It's going to be cold, it's going to be dark and it's going to last you for the rest of your lives!"

Sunday, January 7, 2018

RH3 #975 Virginal Sacrifice Hash

So...we don't have any conveniently located volcanos nearby, but I'm thinking a flat rock, high on a mountain, a sharp knife....the hash gods will be appeased.

Hares: Just Lisa, Just Kevin and ToeFU

On On: 1825 Lorraine Rd, Rdg, 1/14, 2PM

Hash Cash: $7

PreLube: the Pike

Come on out and break some cherries....Gang Bang!!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

RH3 #974 Cuddle Me Drunk

Cuddle Me Drunk?? WTF?? Who knows what these wanks are thinking?

Hares: GladHeAteHer, One More Hole, Just Brett and Just Sarah

On On: Kutztown Park, off Laurel St. near Solo Labs. 1/6, 2:00

Hash Cash: $7

Pre-lube: Kutztown Pub on Main St.

It's gonna be coooold, Bitches. Wanks might want to break out the fur-lined boxers. Bims...maybe hold off on the razor this week?
Cancellation is NOT AN OPTION!!!

RH3 Winter Keiryoki Nite

It’s that time of the year when we huddle indoors....to drink and to sing. Why, you ask?? Because it’s Swamp Thing’s birthday!! At his age, who knows how many more he’ll have!

Where: Francesca’s, 2101 Howard Blvd, Reading (Mt Penn), Fri 1/5 at 8:00

Cum, drink, sing....be the fool you were meant to be...