Friday, January 10, 2020

RH3 #1041 The Cabinet Moth De-Flowered My Flour

Does anyone remember Marcus Brody from the Indiana Jones movies? He was the museum curator that once got lost in his own museum. If Marcus Brody were a hasher, I think him and Flamer would hang out.... just saying.

Below is the message from our beloved X-GM hares:

What's a winter in Reading without a deathmarch, where -- even though the start time is 2PM, you're warned to bring a headlamp, you know..."just in case". Well, that's the type of hash that Flamer and Decoy had PLANNED. The kind where NFB would be reaching for the oxygen tank and giving us the Roberto Duran "No Mas". The kind where Bad Semen would be complaining (no wait...that's EVERY hash).... but you get the point, right?

In preparation, Flamer went out and bought the best organic flour he could find and stockpiled it in his fallout bunker. Lo and behold 2 weeks before the hash, he discovered that "cabinet moths" (also known as "pantry moths" and "cupboard moths" -- I actually looked it up) had deflowered his flour and used it as their own personal sexpad, creating thousands of new "cabinet moths" with which to some day rule the Earth.

Long and short of it -- that "long arduous winter hash" is a teensy bit shorter. It'll go until Flamer and Decoy run out of flour.

RH3 #1041 The Cabinet Moths De-Flowered My Flour

Join us Sunday January 19th at 2:00 PM at the State GameLand parking lot off Obold Rd in Mt Pleasant (see highly technical map). Prelube at Bluemarsh Cantina.

Hash Cash $6.00.


Dress Warm, its fucking January.

and.... "Your Comfort is our PRIMARY Concern."

Monday, December 23, 2019

RH3 #1040 on 1/1/2020 NYD Hash

Cum start the New Year off proper with a shitty trail!! Hares Beulah Ballbreaker and Suckie Sucker promise lots and lots of shitty swill to go with the shitty trail... and there's nothing better than an ice cold Hamms to make you "right" after New Years Eve festivities.

When: New Years Day @ 2PM
Where: Somewhere in Reading
Hares: Beulah & Suckie
Hash Cash: $1,000,000

Monday, December 16, 2019

RH3 #1039 The Little White Dickie Hash

Since this will be the first hash after the official start of winter, you'll want to dress warmly... So pull out your little white dickie from wherever you have it stuffed and bring it along. For those of you lacking a little white dicke (Roids and hopefully all of our Bimbos), there weill be a very limited number of white hash dickies available. Those of you looking for a little 'more' in your dickie, a limited number of black ones will be available as well.

The deats:
When: Sunday Dec 22, 2PM
Where: Reading Plaza, 6th & Greenwich (across from Rite Aid)
Dry Bags: yes
Hash Cash $5
Hares: Horn O Plenty, OptoPussy, Bad Semen
Pre: Cafe Waldorf

Thursday, December 12, 2019

RH3 #1038 The Boilo Hash

With getting the year off from haring this one, you'd think I'd had time to come up with a really creative event invite... but I've been sitting at my desk for about 15 minutes trying to come up with a little jingle to a song and incorporating the boilo hash into it and I still don't have shit so fuck it.

Boilo Hash... Mikes Tavern... Wednesday Dec 18 @ 6:15... ExCogi & Not Twat... $5...

Bring shit to change into afterwards and enjoy some Boilo, and definitely feel free to make your own batch to enter into the competition!! If you don't know what Boilo is, google it!!

Monday, December 2, 2019

RH3 #1037 Santa Fucks the Hash

Is everyone ready for a good fuckin from that jolly old fella with a big fluffy beard and red hat? I hope so, cuz Santa is cumming to town and he's gonna give it to RH3 hard!! Get your festive attire out and your livers ready.... oh yeah, and a gayly wrapped gift for one of your fellow hashers (Alcohol is not recommended, but if you're looking for ideas the 222 Porn Shop is a great place to browse). See you there!!

When: December 7th, 2PM
Where: City Park, aside of the tennis courts/shooting range
Hares: NFB & DogBreath
Hash Cash: $20 (virgins aren't free for this one)
Dry Bag: yes
Gayly Wrapped Gift: yes
Festive Attire: yes

Monday, November 18, 2019

RH3 #1036 Lets Rock Gibralter

Another one bites the dust... or maybe we're knocking the dust off that thing?! Just Kelly is losing her hash haring virginity on Sunday with Toh, which means you need to get your rain or snow gear out of the closet because I'm sure the sky will be opening up regardless of what the meteorologists tell us. Don't miss out on this semi recycled trail!! Whoooop whooop!!

When: 11/24/19 @ 2PM
Where: Gibraltar Park Parking Lot
Who: Toh Foo and Just Kelly
Hash Cash: $7
Pre: Liberty Taproom

Monday, November 4, 2019

RH3 #1035 The Type B Hash Part Duex/Dos/Zwei

Get your Type A activity in early cuz we're going for round two/dos/zwei of the Type B Hash... and it's in a new location to throw off our scent as we don't need the attention of the local fuzz again! This time we'll be lumbering around the streets of Adamstown, so watch of for buggies and horseshit. AND... this would be a great hash for new boots, so bring a virgin and you BOTH hash for free!!

When: Sunday November 10th, 2PM
ONON: Bollman Hat Parking Lot Church Street Adamstown 19501
Hares: Hot Lips and BreastStroker
Hash Cash: $5
Pre: Stoudts Black Angus
A-B Trail so bring a dry bag!! More deats to cum!!!!!!