Monday, October 14, 2019

RH3 #1034 The Hash That Doesn't Suck(y)

A trail to celebrate Suckie Sucker's 40th birthday!! The hares claim it will be a hash that doesn't suck as well as that you must have money and ID on trail (which is a good start to the trail not sucking). So don't suck... and be there bitches!!!

RH3 #1034 The Hash That Doesn't Suck(y)
Sunday Oct,20th @ 2PM
Racc Parking Lot (by Penn Street Bridge)
Hares: Choo Choo & Beulah
Pre: Barley Mow
Trail A to B, Dry Bag a Must
Money and ID for trail

Friday, October 4, 2019

RH3 #1033 Alcohol Combat aka Beer Wars aka Capture the Beer

The Capture the Beer Hash is the best of both worlds for a racist group like RH3, a battle of grit, wits and liver strength. Join hares OptoPussy and Foot Fairy on a shuffle around a new battlefield, punishing the opposing hashers with disgusting swill to try to further your "lead". It's always a good one.... be there!

RH3 #1033 Alcohol Combat aka Beer Wars aka Capture the Beer
-Monday October 7th @ 615PM
-Northeast Taproom
-OptoPussy & Foot Fairy
-$5 Hash Cash
-Pre: NETR

Monday, September 30, 2019

RH3 #1032 Lucifer is Gonna Boogie

He's baaaaack! The Prince of Darkness has graced us with a return performance.
Hares: Ducky & Partial Erection
On On: Ollie's Bargain Outlet, 2251 Lancaster Pike, Shillington, 10/5, 2:00
Hash Cash: $8
Pre: Flanagan's
This is a bike hash....Mt. Bike or Gravel Bike and helmets are a must. Dry bag and chair suggested for the apres...

Monday, September 16, 2019

RH3 #1031 The ANALversary Hash!!

No photo description available.

Cum one, cum all... RH3 turns 35 years old next Sunday!! We'll take it back to where it all started, in the quiet neighborhood of Wyomissing on the corner of Reading Blvd and Plymouth Pl. I remember that first hash like it was yesterday. A beautiful Sunday afternoon with 7 other hashers. Trail was grueling, and I waddled and crawled through it like a champ, working so hard i dumped in my diaper.... oh what memories!! Anyways, here's the deats!!

When: Sunday September 22 @ 2PM
Where: Intersection of Reading Blvd and Plymouth Pl, Wyomissing
Hares: Any Crack'll Do & Cougar Bait
Hash Cash: $6
Pre: Barley Mow

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

RH3 #1028 The Him and Schmimm Hash

These two have decided to spend some quality time in the woods "laying" trail instead of "laying" elsewhere. Join Foot Fairy and virgin co-hare Just Kim for a cherry poppin good time...

When: Monday August 19th @ 615PM
Where: Schuylkill River Tail Angstadt Ln Parking (also may be known as Hafer Petroleum
Who: Foot Fairy & Just Kim
Hash Cash: $5
Pre: Bring a Beer or Two and Drink Them in the Lot

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

RH3 #1027 30 Year Analversary of RH3s 150th Trail

The trail name pretty much says it all, but let's sit back and think about it for a second... 30 years and 877 trails ago. That's back when they used to send hash invites in the mail... a couple of our hashers may have still been shitting their diapers... I was 7 years old... NFB was 5'3" ... Foot was trying to lose his virginity. Anyways, here's the low down ya fucks.

When: Monday August 5th 2 6:15 SHARP
Where: Behind Stoudt's Brewery (park behind the clock tower)
Hare: Bad Semen
Hash Cash: $5
Pre: Figure it out dummies

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

RH# #1026 The Hump Hash

Image may contain: dog and text

There's nobody more excited then Teacher about this one!! The Hump Hash marks the beginning of my demise as the RH3 GrandMaster... before you know it, one of you wanks will be passed the crown and I'll have nothing to look forward to besides "When one GM drinks, ALL GMs DRINK!!" Anyways, here's the low down biotches...

When: July 29 @ 6:15 PM
Where: Schlegel Park
Who: Any Crack'll Do
Why: Why not?
Hash Cash: $5
Prelube: Troopers