Monday, February 20, 2017

Click the link above or get more details on our 950 Campout Here!!

RH3 #950 Campout - Thank You Sir May I Have Another!!

RH3 # 941 The Rain, Sleet, Snow Hash!

Enjoy your two week off Bitches!! Do some traveling, enjoy some of our neighboring kennels! When we Cumm back from break things get nutz again, pretty much 8 straight weeks of Hashing. One weekend off between this hash and Red dress….and that’s Easter.

“As any of you that have ever done a ToeFU hash know....the weather will suck! The National Weather Service is tracking several fronts, all of which will converge over Monocacy Hill, March 12. Heavy winds, snow, freezing rain and life threatening conditions are expected. Flour will wash away and trail will be nonexistent. Are you in??”

The grammer.....

Hash Date: Suday March 12th 2PM (Don’t forget to change your clocks)
Hares: ToeFU, Just Randy and Delicious Head
On On: Monocacy Hill lot 57 Geiger Rd. Douglassville Pa 19518
(Carpooling from prelube HIGHLY recommended)
Prelube: Island Pizza 3060 Limekiln Rd Birdsboro PA 19508
Hash cash: $5

Dress accordingly...

Monday, February 13, 2017


ACDC THE ANGRY WHORE….why is ACDC so angry you ask, well because he tries so very hard to be a WHORE but no will take him up on it. Really he will take anyone, anytime, anywhere. Unfortunately he gets no takers, even his hand rejects him. Now that Backpage is shut down he is seriously SOL and really really ANGRY.  As you can see by the picture DEADLY SPERM BUILD UP is real!!

As typical with his quests, he is once again trying to WHORE it up by asking two RH3 bimbos to join him in the woods. I Want A Fucking Refund (who is already asking for one) and Just Missy will be his Co Hares. This is like trail 17 this month with Virginal Hares getting their Hyman taken.  Not quite sure ACDC is capable of this task…maybe a couple Wanks would have been an easier conquest for him. Please have a heart and give this guy some action before he moves to Laos to be inseminated by elephants!

!!!ATTENTION!!! – This is some new territory for RH3 as of late. Yeah I am sure some old head has a story of how 3 hashers ran a trail on this hill before we were born, blah blah!! If it wasn’t on facebook it didn’t happen!  !!VIRGIN HARES, VIRGIN TRAIL, AN ANGRY unwanted WHORE!! What could be better….

Fuckin Bethel WTF…….

Hares: ACDC, I Want A Fuckin Refund, & Just Missy
Hash Date: February 19th 2PM
ONON: 2PM 40.525415,-76.216770
(7183 PA-183, Bethel, PA 19507)
Prelube: Haags Hotel 5661 Old U.S. 22, Shartlesville, PA 19554
(We drank here after “Bloody Sharts in The Gaylands”!)
Hash Cash: $7

Dry Bag: We are out in the middle of fucking nowhere, I would say yes!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

RH3# 940 LOVE IS A BITCH!....and two bearded men

1st order of business….I met 3 different people at Liberty this weekend during our many RH3 appearances, these people follow our Kennel weekly via the interweb but have not attended a trail yet. I guess it’s easy to pick us out in a crowd. Possibly you are waiting for a personal invitation, well
“THIS IS IT” now show up!!

I am not sure what this trail name is all about, but I see crazy triangle of confusion with nice asses and facial hair. Oddly enough if you google “Two men with Beards” you get a whole slew of pictures with young hipster men sporting crack-like beards making out with each other. Maybe Just Tamra is bitching because she is trying to get in on the action??

One thing I can tell you is while this trail is 2/3’s Virginal Haring…’s 100% racist! Yes Crack is at it again, trashing some more Hare Hyman with his pimp hand strong!  He is giving Iceberg Slim a run for his money in breaking new tricks to the game! But seriously these 3 hares like their trail, and they are running it LIVE. I am sure there is one rear you would not mind running all up in with this crew!

The glutes…

Hash Date: Sunday February 12 in the Year of the Cock!
Hares: Any Crack’ll Do, Just Tamra & Just Chris
ONON: 2PM Fritztown Rd & Chapel Hill Rd Reading PA 19608
For you Fancy Fucks: 40.304795, -76.049240
Parking: Turn onto Chapel Hill off Fritztown and you will see parking along the road
(If we get some snow before this event expect a parking change!) HTM to CUMM…
Prelube: Railroad House
(152 Woodrow Ave, Sinking Spring 19608)
Hash Cash: $6

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

RH3# 939 The 3rd Anl' Groundhogs Day!!

It’ll be déjà vu all over again…

“Ok Campers, rise and shine and don’t forget your booties cuz it’s cold out there today”

As is with Groundhogs day, this Hash just seems to keep coming back. Groundhogs Day is the Spawn of Foot Fairy & Horn O Plenty, conceived on an icy day in the Mt Penn hills at Trail # 838, brought to life at #866, and since they NEVER see their fucking shadow back at #899 and now #939. Maybe you will get lucky and they WILL see their shadow this year!

“I was in the Virgin Islands once. I met a girl. We ate Lobster, drank Pina Coladas. At sunset we made love like sea otters. That was a pretty good day why couldn’t I get that day OVER & OVER again!

Be prepared to be Multiply Orgasmic as these two veteran hares screw you repeatedly…..YOUR CUMMFORT IS THEIR PRIMARY CONCERN!

There will also be GHD Habadashery for sale as usual, so bring your gold card. This Bucktooth rodent has been seriously messing with our kennel for years, so come out and let’s run this little fucker down

Hash Date: Jan 29th 2017
Hares: Foot Fairy & Horn O Plenty
ONON: Pendora Park
19th St & Forrest St Reading PA 19606
   40.329218, -75.900277
Prelube: Liberty Tap Room 11AM J
Hash Cash: $5
Habadashery: GHD item for Sale
Dry Bag: Multiple

Trail: A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A-A


Monday, January 2, 2017

RH3 # 938 The Swampsicle Hash!

For our second installment of 2017 we have Swampy  & Just Jess…..really Just Jess??  Yes the Racist one…

What do we know about this hash? No fucking clue, why is it a Swampsicle Hash?? Again no fuckin clue. We do know it’s Swamp’s Bday weekend and he has been Hashing the like of REAMStown since we chiseled hash trash on stone tablets!  The last time I Hashed these parts we “almost” got run over by a CRANE on trial , “almost” instigated a bar riot, and 100% got yelled at by a huge women lovingly known as “The Dragon Lady” for setting a beer on her  felt!

What does this adventure hold?? Well guess you need to show up and see!!

In Honor of Swampy’s Bday, this trail will also get a piss up social! Saturday night we will meet at American Sports Bar & Grill for a Hash Social & Karaoke Pissup to help celebrate Swamps Bday!!

So it shall be….

HARES: Swamp Thing & Just Jess
Piss Up Social: Saturday Jan 7th 8:30PM
3190 Shillington Rd, Sinking Spring Pa 19608
HASH DATE: Sunday Jan 8th 2:PM @ Reamstown Park
E Church St, Stevens, PA 17578
PRELUBE: Union Barrel Works!! Opens at 11..
6 N Reamstown Rd, Reamstown, PA 17567
Hash Cash: $8

Dry Bag: Echo echo…

HTM to cumm

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

RH3 # 937 Fuck a New Year's Resolution Hash

NYD # 3… yep we have been doing this shit for years!!! Oh yeah and Jan 2nd is FF’s Bday!

The Father that has fermented us takes us on yet another hang over killing fat boy journey! Yes you have shit to do, yes you made a resolution. F your resolution, we are hashers! We do what the hell we want we don’t need any stinkin’ resolutions.

Did I mention that Jan 2nd is FF’s Bday!

Looking at this year’s starting location, I think it a good possibility that we WILL NOT be standing on the bank of Blue Marsh with cold wieners again this year. We have invited the game warden though.

If you are a real Hasher than the TRIFECTA is really what you need for New Year’s Day. What is this TRIFECTA you say???

9:15 to Freeze your junk
Polar Plunge @ Blue Marsh Dry Brooks Day Use Area
11:00 to 1:45
Prelube at PJ Wheelahans
2:00 to Drunk
The New Years Day Hash!

The Trifecta of Stoopidness, sure to clear any Hangover!!

The dropping balls….

Hash Date: New Year’s Day if you didn’t catch it yet!
Hares: Father Ferment Me & Just Elizabeth
Prelube: PJ Wheelahans
Jan 2nd: FF’s Bday!
ONON: 2PM 1109 Lilac Ln, West Lawn, PA 19609, USA
Something about please piss in the neighbors mailboxes!
Dry Bag: NO NEED

Hash Cash: $5