Thursday, October 28, 2021

#1078: Halloween Bike Hash


Hared: Head Pedaler, Cums on Demand and Lil Red Riding Ho
Dress up and bring your bike to bash through the Temple area… location details and hash cash TBA. This is a bash, no running option. Costumes make it more fun! 

And note the time 1pm! Starting a tad earlier than normal to keep daylight, yes this is concerning when Head Pedaler is involved….

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

#1077: Empty Nest Hash

About six weeks after Decoy was named, he got Bambi “in the family way“. Now, many years later all the little decoys and ducks have flown the nest and Bambi and Decoy are rattling around their old house barely talking to one another and doing all the things that old people do, like getting up to pee at 3:30 in the morning and going to bed at 9 o’clock and complaining about the neighbors dogs barking and keeping them awake. Now they’re bringing their own version of Senility and senior citizenry back to the hash. Come join these two proud AARP members as they lay a trail through suburbia. 

Hash cash $5
On on: parking lot by 2900 Hillvale avenue.

Friday, August 13, 2021

#1076: Family Hash

Sunday, September, 26 at 2 pm

OnOn: Dry Brooks Hillside Pavilion 

Hash Cash: $5 per family

Join hares Beulah, Suckie Sucker, and Pooperlicious for this fun family hash. This trail will be perfect for children of all ages as there will be many places to shortcut and we promise lots of BNs for the little ones! Shiggy socks are strongly encouraged. Soccer mom cups are required for adult beverages.  

On after at the Pavilion. Food and beverages will be provided, but side dishes are welcome. We will have access to the bathrooms.

Trail is A to A. Dry bags at your discretion. 

#1075: Analversary Hash

RH 3 is turning 37!! 
On-on at the intersection of Reading Blvd and Plymouth Court where it all began for RH3. Yes it’s the middle of a rich neighborhood and yes the neighbors will look at you funny. You think they’d know to expect this now after 37 years! 
Hares: Decoy and Crack
Hash cash: $5

#1074: BASH

Saturday, September 18

ON ON: 1 pm

Hares: Ducky, Shrinkage, Likes it Dry and Partial Erection.
Hash cash: $8
On-on: the field next to Trooper Thorns (451 Morgantown Road) 
Come ready to hash with something different between your legs….. a bike! This hash is done on bikes, mountain bike or gravel bike are your best options but unicycles or hot wheels would be super impressive.

#1073: The smell my finger hash

Hare: Stinkfinger
When: 9/13 @ 6:15pm
Where: Douglassville Hotel (DoHo ya Ho)
Hash Cash: $7
Bring a dry bag. HTM to follow.

#1072: The Float Hash


The Float Hash 
Sunday, August 22 
Details to Cum