Tuesday, October 3, 2023

RH3 #1127 Nibblin' Bitches Nuts Hash

Sunday, October 8 - 2:00pm

ON-ON: 330 S. 19th Street, Reading (just up the road from Olivet Boys and Girls Club) 
Hares: Nut Nibbler & Screams Like A Bitch
Hash Cash: $5
Fresh off a plethora of Type A activities, we are led down the trail by Nut Nibbler and Screams Like A Bitch. Who knows what is in store, what we do know is…there will be beverages, there will be flour, and there will be HHHs.

Friday, September 22, 2023

RH3 #1126 39th Analversary Hash

Friday, September 22 - 6:15pm

Where: Corner of Reading Blvd and Plymouth Place, Wyomissing (first corner or second corner depending which direction you’re heading on Reading… you’ll figure it out)

Hare: Any Crack'll Do

Hash Cash: NONE

Time to celebrate 39 years of cumming…same place, same date, same time. I want to see that corner filled with halfminds like a Vietnamese Red Light District with hookers. And since “me love you all long time”, everyone’s hash cash is on me… but since it’s on a Friday and apres locations are likely to be a bigger shit show than the trail itself, apres food and drinks are on you fuckers. See you bitches on Friday

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

RH3 #1125 The Life's A Beach Hash

Monday, September 11 - 6:15 PM
ON-ON: Brentwood Trailhead Parking Lot
Hares: Nasty Panties & Just Mark
Hash Cash: $7
What does Just Mark and a Swingline have in common? If you know the answer to this, then you know how his latest trip to the beach went. In honor of the day Just Mark couldn’t keep his shit together any longer, come dressed in your best beach vibes attire to give this hare a beach day do-over and more importantly, find out if staples count as head gear in circle.

Monday, August 21, 2023

RH3 #1124 RIBBED....For Your Pleasure Hash

Monday, August 28 - 6:15 PM
ON-ON: 2396 Lancaster Pike, Shillington
Hares: Scroat and Decoy
Hash Cash: $6

Scroat and Decoy invite you to one last f*cking of the Summer. 
And... to make it worth your while, we're going to give you a two-fer! The ON-ON will be right in front of Excitement Video in Shillington so you can get an early start on purchasing your Santa FTH gifts. 
ON-ON is 2396 Lancaster Pike 6:15 PM (park in the undeveloped parking lot between Excitement and Lancaster Pike). We're right there on a state highway, so you might want to pop into a pre-lube next door at Schaylors instead of popping open a can of Hamms in view of the civilians driving on 222.
Bring: $6 Hash Cash & A Dry Bag . 

Thursday, August 10, 2023

RH3 #1123 The Cougar's Breast Crack Float Hash


Sunday, August 13th, 2023 - 11:00 AM
ON-ON: 2058 River Road, Reading, PA 19605
Hares: Cougar Bait, Breast Stroaker, Any Crack'll Do
Hash Cash: $5

Ohh, what fun! A threesome of Reading HHH best men are joining forces to lead the half-minds on a trail ending in impending doom…I mean float!

Come prepared for trail before floating festivities and BYO float and float beverages.
ON ON at 2058 River Road, Reading, PA 19605. See HTM below.  DO NOT park in the Coast Guard Auxiliary lot. Park along the street.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

RH3 #1122 The Dog Days of Summer Hash


Hares: Just Brittni and Nut Nibbler
Hash Cash: $5
ON-ON: 445 Acer Drive, Blandon 19510
As things heat up, hashers rush (or not rush) to cool down. Yells of "ON-ON" ring out in search of flour and more importantly...cold beverages. Through woods and water and roads and shiggy they pant and pant until HHH are found. These are the dog days of summer, and we are the hashers of Reading. Let them hear us howl, "ON-ON".
Join us as they lead us astray through Blandon and hopefully lead us to beverages that are cold, cheap, and in aluminum. Dry bag if you want.

Friday, July 7, 2023

RH3 #1121 The Down In Ginger Snatch Hash


On-On: Monday, July 17 @ 6:15PM - Parking Lot next to Russo's Market, 1150 Bern Rd, Wyomissing)

Hares: Ginger Snatch & Down In Front

Hash Cash: TBD

A-B Trail

More Details to Follow!